There's no denying it.  Fall is here.  And, whether you look forward to its colors or dread its seasonal clean-up, we have a handful of helpful tips we think will help.  Because a little yard preparation this fall will save you precious time and energy come spring. 

  • If you have a vegetable garden, now is the time to pull out your old plants and till the soil.  Work compost with our Frontier Rotary Tiller to add extra nutrients to your plot that will benefit your garden next season. 
  • Rake or collect any fallen leaves using one of our convenient leaf bagging systems for riding lawn mowers and zero turns, or consider our 44-inch Pull-Behind Lawn Sweeper.  Removing leaves and other debris will help your grass breathe and remain healthy over the winter. 
  • Aerate your lawn with a hand-held garden tool, or consider a larger Pull-Behind John Deere aerator for larger properties.  Breaking up the soil allows nutrients to reach the grass roots more easily and prevents water from puddling in lower areas.
  • Trim any dead tree branches with on of our STIHL pole pruners.  This will help prevent branches from breaking and falling during snowstorms and damaging your home and yard. 
  • Our convenient STIHL hedge trimmers make bush trimming so much easier- and more comfortable for those with sharp hedges.  Keep next year's growth in mind, often trimming back more than you might expect. 
  • One of the most essential fall clean-up tasks is cleaning the rain gutters, as blocked gutters can easily damage the exterior of your home, your landscaping, and even cause water damage to your basement.  Our STIHL battery-powered leaf blower paired with a STIH gutter kit, makes blowing out leaves quickly.  Finish the job by inspecting for good flow and rising with a hose. 
  • And, before the snow falls, be sure to give your lawn one last trim.  Set your lawn mower blades low in order to help your soil dry out more quickly in the spring - leading to more full, healthy grass come spring. 

At Eis Implement, we aim to make people and properties prosper.  Let us help you implement success in your own yard.  We have an incredible assortment of equipment to help get the job done right and a knowledgeable staff that is down to earth.  

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