The snow is almost gone, and you think, it's time to dig the planter out from the back of the shed.  You watch weather reports, your fields soil moisture, temperatures, and when the ideal conditions arise, you hit the fields.  As your corn emerges you notice a spot here and there with missing or small ears reducing your total yield. 

This is where seed meter inspections can help improve singulation and space seeds evenly, which reduces the competition between plants and maximizes the ears per acre.  We often hear that a seed meter inspection is too costly per unity or to bring in one's meters to a dealership requires time away from their operation, which they just can't spare.

This is why Eis Implement has invested in a portable meter testing, allowing testing to be done directly on-site for any John Deere, Kinze or Precision Planting meters.  We will test with your seed and check for singulation, seed release index, proper speed, population, and vacuum levels for a low cost of $25 per meter. 

$25 per meter may seem high to some, but if you are running 32,000 population at 95.1% singulation, figuring current commodity pricing at $3.33, you could be losing $43.73 per acre.  

At Eis Implement, we aim to make people and properties prosper.  Let us help you implement success this planting season with our seed meter inspections, stop in or call us today to learn more. 

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