After last year's record-setting snowfall, who wants to be without proper snow removal equipment this year?  Eis Implement has everything you'll need to prepare for this upcoming winter. 

  • Snow blowers are a game-changer - saving you hours of back-breaking work.  Stop in at our convenient Two Rivers location and we'll walk you through your options and find the just right brand and model to help your property prosper. 
  • Keep the biting wind at bay while you clear snow this year with a cab attachment!  This add-on is well worth the comfort it supplies - helping prevent snow, ice, and wind from affecting the operator. 
  • Another great item to consider for your equipment is a broom.  These rotating attachments are great for commercial applications and quickly remove light snow from sidewalks and smaller driveways. 
  • If you own a compact utility tractor, it's only natural to consider front and rear blades to help your machine work hard for you, year-round.  Not only do they allow you to push snow off driveways, but also to pull snow away from buildings - providing lots of flexibility and saving time.
  • And, be sure to keep those walkways safe with the addition of a salter/sander attachment.  These are particularly great for commercial applications or large homeowner properties and help you cover a lot of ground, quickly.

To find the right snow removal equipment for your property, stop on in at Eis Implement and talk with on of our friendly staff members or give us a call at 800-474-0281.  We'll help you implement success! 

And don't let your reliable lawn mower be forgotten this winter.  Put it on Eis!  We have five convenient packages to tune up, sharpen your blades, and even store your equipment until grass grows once again.  For the ultimate convenience, we'll even pick up and drop off your mower for you.  Call us to learn more!