This year be the CEO of your landscape.  Take control of your yard and garden with our new MM 56 C-E STIHL Yard Boss customizable yard care system. 

This multi-tasking gardening tool is redefining lawn care all in one system. Featuring a universal power train, the Yard Boss comes standard as a cultivator, but is available with a great support staff to execute nearly any job at hand. 

The powerful KW-MM PowerSweep attachment, now available at Eis Implement, features heavy-duty rubber laps to move pebbles and sand from grassy areas, clean up compacted dirt along roads and sidewalks, and even remove water and light snow from hard, flat surfaces. 

Seven additional attachments are available which allow you to cultivate, clear, sweep, edge, dethatch, trim and aerate quickly and efficiently - saving space, saving time, and saving on maintenance. Plus, now until June 30, 2019 purchase a MM 56 Yard Boss at Eis Implement and receive a FREE Wheel Kit. 

It's time to multi-task.  Like a boss. 

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