Anyone who has a yard to maintain knows this common frustration: respooling the weed trimmer. 

In years past, the process was a long and difficult one - generally due to the design of most trimmers.  You had to push in the tabs or unscrew the previous spool, cut a long length of string (or two), locate the small hole, push the string though, and wind the string manually - you remember. 

however, things are looking up!  Companies like STIHL are coming out with simplified easy-feed heads to take away those headaches. The latest line from STIHL, the CF3 Pro Trimmer, features their AutoCut EasySpool Trimmer Head.  To use, you simply insert the line and turn a knob.  That's it!  And, it's made of incredibly durable, heavy-duty plastic to cut though the toughest weeds.  To release the line while trimming, just tab the head on the ground.  This simple-to-use option is compatible with most straight or curved shaft trimmers.  Give us a call or stop by and we'll be happy to see if this new trimmer head will work with your current trimmer. 

Already have string at home? Try your hand at respooling other varieties of STIHL trimmers by using the helpful step-by-step videos in our Learning Center.  

To simplify the process even more, stop by and we can respool your trimmer for you.  This is absolutely free when you buy any of our trimmer string products.  

Whether you want to try the new EasySpool Trimmer Head, re-spool a traditional model at home, or let us do the work for you...we'll get that trimmer in working shape so you can get back to work on those weeds!