This spring, we formally joined in an exciting new partnership agreement with Halron Lubricants of Green Bay. What does this mean for you?

Not only will Eis continue to provide all the services, products, and perks you enjoy, but we will be expanding upon them! Our much-loved free parts delivery service throughout Northeast Wisconsin will continue, and our commitment to top-notch customer service will never change. 

What you can expect is increased availability of products and services, especially for the construction and industrial fields, because we will not be carrying a wide selection of Halron products at our convenient Two Rivers location! Whether you have a tractor, semi-truck, lawn mower, car or boat - we will be able to serve each need. There will be no need for multiple stops, multiple bills or multiple payments - saving you time. 

The partnership also allows us to to combine the best offerings of both companies, so you'll notice high quality products at competitive prices. 

We truly appreciate all of our loyal customers who understand the value of supporting local businesses and want to thank them even better solutions to help people and properties to prosper. We hope our customers will agree that our new partnership will help them plow through problems, plant ideas and harvest rewards. 

Eis Implement. Down to earth.