If you are among the owners of a John Deere 90 series no-till drill, you know it's been years since they have done an update to the openers.  However, in 2018 John Deere unveiled the new ProSeries Openers, improving the 90 series openers.

With the new retrofit kits's, you will see several improvements compared to the 90-series opener, including: a narrower seed boot, reducing soil disturbance, giving you more precise seed placement.  This is achieved with the assistance of the new press wheel, with a more flexible design, the seeds are pressed into the bottom of the seed slot, creating consistency for uniform emergence.  The closing wheel now is serrated, breaking up hard, dry soil for improved germination.  Improved material for Seed tabs, producing flexibility with better angle in the seed trench, and lastly, easier adjusting closing springs. 

If you have questions if updating to the ProSeries Opener's is right for you, give our Precision Farm Specialist, Eric or Phil a call.  But don't wait too long, now until April 30th, you can save $25 per row on the ProSeries Opener Retrofit Kit's.

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