Hydraulic pressure systems offer your equipment a dependable source of consistent power for a manner of tasks. Loaders, backhoes, planters and countless other pieces of equipment rely on hydraulics for power. So when one of those hoses blows, it can bring your whole operation to a grinding halt.

Luckily, Eis Implement has a couple of excellent solutions to get you back up and running in a hurry. You can just walk into our store and we’ll make you a brand new hose. We can handle any size job up to 1-¼ inch and 5000 psi. If you can’t make it to the store, we can send someone to you. Just call us at (920) 684-0301 and we’ll send out our mobile hose fabrication staff out to your job site or field to get you taken care of. 

Our most exciting option, however, is our fast-growing on-site program. This program allows you to keep everything on hand to fabricate your own hoses as you need them. No need to call us out, no need to come into the store. We make sure you have all you need, where and when you need it. We provide you with a free crimper and die rental, heavily discounted hose and fittings, and help you stock a bin for your specific needs. For a small upfront cost, you can save time and money while also improving the efficiency of your job site.

Losing a hose doesn’t have to mean losing a whole day of work as you wait for repair and delivery. Eis Implement offers all three of these solutions because we know one size doesn’t fit all, but everyone needs to get back up and running quickly.

Contact Eis Implement today to talk with our excellent parts and service department about the custom hydraulic hose solution that’s best for you. 

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