John Deere’s Precision Ag technology is an exciting front in John Deere’s continued push to bring farmers the best tools they can get to help feed America. Technology is constantly improving and rapidly changing, and John Deere is able to take those advancements and harness them in ways that will help you not just improve yields but reduce costs. But with so much to offer, Precision Ag can be a little overwhelming up front. So let’s break down the basics and get you started on Precision Ag.

The bread and butter of John Deere Precision Ag is the use of positioning technology. Depending on what level of accuracy you need, you can get receivers that can keep you on the right path with accuracy of under half an inch. One of the biggest benefits of this is that it greatly minimizes overlap and allows you to follow the same paths from year to year. This not only saves you money in applications and seeding costs, but it also helps prevent soil compaction and wear and tear on your fields over time.

Beyond uses as a planting, applications and harvesting assist, though; positioning technology is the building block of the fleet and operations management software. This package allows large producers to closely monitor a whole host of fleet operations from one location, without having to spend time driving from field to field and chasing down individual operators and machines. Through JDLink, an incredible amount of equipment performance data can be shared instantly from the machine to the Operations Center, as well as from machine to machine. From the convenience of their office computer or apps on their tablet and phones, managers can get real-time updates and make adjustments on the fly.

This remote access can even be shared with your dealer support team. Machine performance can be tracked and remote access to the machine’s diagnostics can be given to your John Deere dealers service network. This can allow service technicians to diagnose issues remotely without a costly and time-consuming visit to your fields. As well, data like application rates, soil conditions and weather can be sent to your agronomist and easily compared with historical data to make changes as you go.

With all this in-depth reporting and data collection, Precision Ag technology can be a huge benefit to your total operation. The best part is that while newer John Deere large ag equipment comes with this technology built in, the entire system can be fitted to any equipment, no matter what color, and often no matter how old. This means that any fleet can benefit from John Deere Precision Ag, which is a huge benefit.

To learn more, contact Eis Implement today and talk to our Precision Ag specialists to learn what technology packages and equipment your operation would benefit from.