No matter what size farm you have, with a strong tractor and the proper implements you can run a successful hay operation here in Wisconsin. John Deere tractors are compatible with several Frontier and John Deere implements that can successfully take care of all steps in the hay-making process from cutting to baling. There are many hay implement options but there are a few that are essential. Eis Implement has compiled a list of the best hay implements for Wisconsin hay producers. Keep reading to find out what they are.

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Mower Conditioner

The first step to producing dry hay is cutting stalk and to do that you need a proper mower. There are several machine options for this step but we recommend the mower conditioner. A mower conditioner not only cuts your hay but also conditions it by squeezing out moisture from the stalks. This results in a faster drying time. John Deere offers mower conditioners that are made up to 16 ft wide so you can cover more acres in less time.

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Hay Tedder

After you cut your hay you promptly want to move on to the tedding process which requires you to have a decent hay tedder. The hay tedder provides faster drying times as well as thorough conditioning and even distribution in all types of hay. Frontier Hay Tedders have tine height adjustments, allowing you to match your implement to crop conditions. They also have flotation tires for smooth operation over irregular ground.

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Hay Rake

When the tedding process is done, then comes the time to get the hay up off the ground. This can be done with a hay rake. There are different types of rakes to choose from but your choice should depend on the size of your operation. Rotary rakes are great for small farmers producing hay and can maximize the outputs of your crops. Wheel rakes are more suitable for commercial farmers who are looking to handle more crops at once.

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Round Baler

When it's all said and done and you have fresh dry hay, it’s time to bale it up. Round balers are a popular option for many farmers because they can process much more hay than a square baler and it is much less labor intensive. John Deere offers a wide variety of round balers that are compatible with a number of John Deere tractors.

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