As two leading brands in the agricultural industry, John Deere and Kubota constantly face comparison. Both brands have their advantages, but when you look closer at what you’re getting there is one clear winner. Let’s look at how these two brands measure up in several categories.


Kubota tractors are made with steel which makes them look nice and shiny when you first get them. However, as time passes and more hours are logged on your equipment, their steel hood makes them more prone to rust, dents, and corrosion, making them more worn. John Deere on the other hand is composed of composite plastics which are more durable and less prone to rust and corrosion even from impact.

User Friendliness

Some tractors have operating functions that may take some time to get used to, especially for first-time tractor buyers. Many Kubota models feature a hydrostatic transmission with a pedal that requires you to use your toe to go forward and your heel to go backward, this unusual function could take time and patience to master. Fortunately, John Deere tractors have the signature TwinTouch hydrostatic pedals that simply allow you to go forward and backward with two separate petals, a more natural movement to operating machinery. 


Attachments are necessary to get work done with your tractor but with some brands connecting your attachment can be more complicated than necessary. This isn’t the case with John Deere. Deere offers multiple implement swaps and attachment options that make getting attached quick and easy. The AutoConnect MowerDeck is a popular addition to the John Deere compact tractors. You can get connected in less than a minute by simply driving over the deck. The Kubota BX requires you to actually get out over the drives seat and manually connect the deck, costing you about 5 minutes. Another advantage John Deere has with attachments is the versatile loader with multiple bucket attachment options. This makes it easier to complete multiple tasks in the field easily switching from bucket to pallet fork or grapple. You won’t have that same convenience with a Kubota tractor.


When it comes to reliability, you have to go with the brand with the most longevity in the industry, which is John Deere. John Deere has been a prominent tractor manufacturer for over 184 years and since then has produced hundreds of models. The brand loyalty that lasts for generations is simply because they make good quality tractors made from fine materials, meant to last for a long time. John Deere is an American brand but is sought out internationally, which should let you know that the equipment is very reliable. Kubota is also a fine brand but does not have as much reach as the mean green.

These two brands are sought after by many but when you can look at the facts, the clear champion is John Deere. John Deere makes tractors that are high-quality, user-friendly, and reliable making work more of a breeze. Need more convincing? Check out this video to see how the two compare in live-action.

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