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Handle Your Yard and Garden Like a Boss

This year be the CEO of your landscape.  Take control of your yard and garden with our new MM 56 C-E STIHL Yard Boss customizable yard care system. 

This multi-tasking gardening tool is redefining lawn care all in one system. Featuring a universal power train, the Yard Boss comes standard as a cultivator, but is available with a great support staff to execute nearly any job at hand. 

The powerful KW-MM PowerSweep attachment, now available at Eis Implement, features heavy-duty rubber laps to move pebbles and sand from grassy areas, clean up compacted dirt along roads and sidewalks, and even remove water and light snow from hard, flat surfaces. 

Seven additional attachments are available which allow you to cultivate, clear, sweep, edge, dethatch, trim and aerate quickly and efficiently - saving space, saving time, and saving on maintenance. Plus, now until June 30, 2019 purchase a MM 56 Yard Boss at Eis Implement and receive a FREE Wheel Kit. 

It's time to multi-task.  Like a boss. 

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ProSeries Opener Retrofit Kit

If you are among the owners of a John Deere 90 series no-till drill, you know it's been years since they have done an update to the openers.  However, in 2018 John Deere unveiled the new ProSeries Openers, improving the 90 series openers.

With the new retrofit kits's, you will see several improvements compared to the 90-series opener, including: a narrower seed boot, reducing soil disturbance, giving you more precise seed placement.  This is achieved with the assistance of the new press wheel, with a more flexible design, the seeds are pressed into the bottom of the seed slot, creating consistency for uniform emergence.  The closing wheel now is serrated, breaking up hard, dry soil for improved germination.  Improved material for Seed tabs, producing flexibility with better angle in the seed trench, and lastly, easier adjusting closing springs. 

If you have questions if updating to the ProSeries Opener's is right for you, give our Precision Farm Specialist, Eric or Phil a call.  But don't wait too long, now until April 30th, you can save $25 per row on the ProSeries Opener Retrofit Kit's.

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First Man Planting

The snow is almost gone, and you think, it's time to dig the planter out from the back of the shed.  You watch weather reports, your fields soil moisture, temperatures, and when the ideal conditions arise, you hit the fields.  As your corn emerges you notice a spot here and there with missing or small ears reducing your total yield. 

This is where seed meter inspections can help improve singulation and space seeds evenly, which reduces the competition between plants and maximizes the ears per acre.  We often hear that a seed meter inspection is too costly per unity or to bring in one's meters to a dealership requires time away from their operation, which they just can't spare.

This is why Eis Implement has invested in a portable meter testing, allowing testing to be done directly on-site for any John Deere, Kinze or Precision Planting meters.  We will test with your seed and check for singulation, seed release index, proper speed, population, and vacuum levels for a low cost of $25 per meter. 

$25 per meter may seem high to some, but if you are running 32,000 population at 95.1% singulation, figuring current commodity pricing at $3.33, you could be losing $43.73 per acre.  

At Eis Implement, we aim to make people and properties prosper.  Let us help you implement success this planting season with our seed meter inspections, stop in or call us today to learn more. 

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Do You Have The Right Mower For The Job Ahead?

Spring is nearly here and every year, we reach a point where mowing becomes a weekly, or even twice weekly event.  The generous sunshine and rainfall suddenly produce one heck of a long lawn. 

When that time hits, are you going to be wishing for a different mower?  A different attachment?  Don't wait until you're in the height of the season and make a quick decision without considering your options. 

There's a lot to think about; 2-wheel or 4-wheel drive, attachments, new or usedmaintenance packages, riding mower, zero turn mower or 1 series compact tractor.  At Eis Implement, we're here to help make the selection process easier.  We know all options available and can help make the right choice for your specific needs. 

And, right now John Deere is running a great offer on the 1023E compact tractor.  With easy operational 4WD and power steering, this compact utility tractor is the perfect get-the-chores-done workhorse for your property.  With a low purchase price of $8,599*, plus 0% interest for 60 months**, this is quality you can afford! 

Let us help you implement a successful grass cutting season this spring, stop in or call us today to learn more.

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*Offer ends January 31,2019, $8,599 low price is for base machine only and does not include sales tax or attachments.  **Subject to installment credit approval from John Deere Financial.  

Don't Wait to Buy:

Save Thousands with Tax Deduction

Have you heard about the Section 179 tax deduction for 2018?  Be sure to take advantage before it expires at the end of the year!

Section 179 tax deduction provides businesses the allowable deduction limit of $1,000,000 on the cost of new and used capital equipment purchased with an investment cap of $2,500,000.  In addition, Bonus Depreciation can be combined with the Section 179 deduction for additional savings, enabling you to take additional depreciation on new and used (new to you) capital equipment purchases.  Your equipment must be financed or purchased by December 31, 2018.

At Eis Implement, we aim to make people and properties prosper.  The information provided is not and should not be construed as tax advice.  We strongly recommend that you consult with your tax advisor regarding how these tax-savings opportunities apply in your situation.  If it's decided that a purchase is the right move, let us help you implement success on your own property with new equipment before the New Year.  Stop in or call us today to learn more. 

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Winter Eis Sale: Save on Machinery Repair

Winter may nearly be at our doorstep, but spring will be here before we know it!  Plan ahead for next years season by having your farming machinery serviced now, so you'll be ready to roll as soon as the weather cooperates. 

Our Winter Eis Sale is happening right now.  that means our prices are plunging just like the temperature.  Right now, we'll inspect, wash, and repair your equipment with 12% discount on parts on repair invoices over $2,500.  

All of our parts and labor include a one-year dealer warranty for extra peace of mind.  And, best of all, you can fix your equipment now and play later with your John Deere Multi-Use Financial approval.  

Or, take advantage of our On-Site Inspections.  We'll come out to your property to inspect your machinery with no extra service charge.  

At Eis Implement, we aim to make people and properties prosper.  Let us help you implement success on your own property with money-saving repairs.  These offers are only good now through the end of the year, so stop in or call us today to learn more.  Eis Implement.  Down to earth. 

Fall Yard Clean-Up Tips To Save Your Spring Sanity

There's no denying it.  Fall is here.  And, whether you look forward to its colors or dread its seasonal clean-up, we have a handful of helpful tips we think will help.  Because a little yard preparation this fall will save you precious time and energy come spring. 

  • If you have a vegetable garden, now is the time to pull out your old plants and till the soil.  Work compost with our Frontier Rotary Tiller to add extra nutrients to your plot that will benefit your garden next season. 
  • Rake or collect any fallen leaves using one of our convenient leaf bagging systems for riding lawn mowers and zero turns, or consider our 44-inch Pull-Behind Lawn Sweeper.  Removing leaves and other debris will help your grass breathe and remain healthy over the winter. 
  • Aerate your lawn with a hand-held garden tool, or consider a larger Pull-Behind John Deere aerator for larger properties.  Breaking up the soil allows nutrients to reach the grass roots more easily and prevents water from puddling in lower areas.
  • Trim any dead tree branches with on of our STIHL pole pruners.  This will help prevent branches from breaking and falling during snowstorms and damaging your home and yard. 
  • Our convenient STIHL hedge trimmers make bush trimming so much easier- and more comfortable for those with sharp hedges.  Keep next year's growth in mind, often trimming back more than you might expect. 
  • One of the most essential fall clean-up tasks is cleaning the rain gutters, as blocked gutters can easily damage the exterior of your home, your landscaping, and even cause water damage to your basement.  Our STIHL battery-powered leaf blower paired with a STIH gutter kit, makes blowing out leaves quickly.  Finish the job by inspecting for good flow and rising with a hose. 
  • And, before the snow falls, be sure to give your lawn one last trim.  Set your lawn mower blades low in order to help your soil dry out more quickly in the spring - leading to more full, healthy grass come spring. 

At Eis Implement, we aim to make people and properties prosper.  Let us help you implement success in your own yard.  We have an incredible assortment of equipment to help get the job done right and a knowledgeable staff that is down to earth.  

Call us today, or stop in

Game-Changing Snow Attachments For The Winter Ahead

After last year's record-setting snowfall, who wants to be without proper snow removal equipment this year?  Eis Implement has everything you'll need to prepare for this upcoming winter. 

  • Snow blowers are a game-changer - saving you hours of back-breaking work.  Stop in at our convenient Two Rivers location and we'll walk you through your options and find the just right brand and model to help your property prosper. 
  • Keep the biting wind at bay while you clear snow this year with a cab attachment!  This add-on is well worth the comfort it supplies - helping prevent snow, ice, and wind from affecting the operator. 
  • Another great item to consider for your equipment is a broom.  These rotating attachments are great for commercial applications and quickly remove light snow from sidewalks and smaller driveways. 
  • If you own a compact utility tractor, it's only natural to consider front and rear blades to help your machine work hard for you, year-round.  Not only do they allow you to push snow off driveways, but also to pull snow away from buildings - providing lots of flexibility and saving time.
  • And, be sure to keep those walkways safe with the addition of a salter/sander attachment.  These are particularly great for commercial applications or large homeowner properties and help you cover a lot of ground, quickly.

To find the right snow removal equipment for your property, stop on in at Eis Implement and talk with on of our friendly staff members or give us a call at 800-474-0281.  We'll help you implement success! 

And don't let your reliable lawn mower be forgotten this winter.  Put it on Eis!  We have five convenient packages to tune up, sharpen your blades, and even store your equipment until grass grows once again.  For the ultimate convenience, we'll even pick up and drop off your mower for you.  Call us to learn more!

How to Respool Your Weed Trimmer

Anyone who has a yard to maintain knows this common frustration: respooling the weed trimmer. 

In years past, the process was a long and difficult one - generally due to the design of most trimmers.  You had to push in the tabs or unscrew the previous spool, cut a long length of string (or two), locate the small hole, push the string though, and wind the string manually - you remember. 

however, things are looking up!  Companies like STIHL are coming out with simplified easy-feed heads to take away those headaches. The latest line from STIHL, the CF3 Pro Trimmer, features their AutoCut EasySpool Trimmer Head.  To use, you simply insert the line and turn a knob.  That's it!  And, it's made of incredibly durable, heavy-duty plastic to cut though the toughest weeds.  To release the line while trimming, just tab the head on the ground.  This simple-to-use option is compatible with most straight or curved shaft trimmers.  Give us a call or stop by and we'll be happy to see if this new trimmer head will work with your current trimmer. 

Already have string at home? Try your hand at respooling other varieties of STIHL trimmers by using the helpful step-by-step videos in our Learning Center.  

To simplify the process even more, stop by and we can respool your trimmer for you.  This is absolutely free when you buy any of our trimmer string products.  

Whether you want to try the new EasySpool Trimmer Head, re-spool a traditional model at home, or let us do the work for you...we'll get that trimmer in working shape so you can get back to work on those weeds!

Implementing Success with a New Partnership

This spring, we formally joined in an exciting new partnership agreement with Halron Lubricants of Green Bay. What does this mean for you?

Not only will Eis continue to provide all the services, products, and perks you enjoy, but we will be expanding upon them! Our much-loved free parts delivery service throughout Northeast Wisconsin will continue, and our commitment to top-notch customer service will never change. 

What you can expect is increased availability of products and services, especially for the construction and industrial fields, because we will not be carrying a wide selection of Halron products at our convenient Two Rivers location! Whether you have a tractor, semi-truck, lawn mower, car or boat - we will be able to serve each need. There will be no need for multiple stops, multiple bills or multiple payments - saving you time. 

The partnership also allows us to to combine the best offerings of both companies, so you'll notice high quality products at competitive prices. 

We truly appreciate all of our loyal customers who understand the value of supporting local businesses and want to thank them even better solutions to help people and properties to prosper. We hope our customers will agree that our new partnership will help them plow through problems, plant ideas and harvest rewards. 

Eis Implement. Down to earth. 

Fundraising with 4th H.O.O.A.H. of Wisconsin

Cover Photo for Local Heros

This spring, Eis Implement had a great opportunity to give back to our local community. We decided to get involved with an area charity called the 4th H.O.O.A.H. of Wisconsin. 

The Wisconsin chapter was founded in 2013 by local veteran, William Kocken, with the mission of lending support to servicemen and women who currently deploying and veterans who are returning from service. The group initiated the annual Green Bay Milwaukee for Them Ruck March and the Veterans Suicide Awareness March - both of which raise awareness and funds for local veterans.

In support of this organization, Eis Implement was able to assist with fundraising on Facebook. For every new page "like" Eis received from May 1st - May 24th, we donated one dollar to 4th H.O.O.A.H. of Wisconsin - totaling $500!

"At Eis Implement, we're especially moved by the sacrifice of veterans and active military. We so appreciate what these great men and woman have done for our country - and it often goes unnoticed. This fundraiser has been one small way for us to make a difference in the lives of these heroes living right in our community," said Jon Eis.

To find out more about the 4th H.O.O.A.H. of Wisconsin, or to get involved, please visit there website:

Recent Awards

Some exciting things have been happening at Eis Implement this spring. We were selected to receive two significant awards.

2018 LandollLandoll Award

We are proud to announce that we have been chosen, for the third year in a row, as on of Landoll's Top 25 Dealers in the United Sates. Landoll, a major manufacturer of agricultural equipment, trailers, forklifts, and other large machinery, is located in Marysville, Kansas and sells their large implements nation-wide.  


It is such an honor to be selected as top dealer among a long list of great companies they do business with all over the U.S.  

This April, Territory Manager Kevin Wendland came to Eis Implement to present us with this year's plaque.  

We would like to thank Landoll for being an excellent company to work with. They have proven to be an incredibly customer-oriented company that goes the extra mile to serve others and have shown such kind hospitality towards us during our visits to their headquarters.  

We look forward to next year's award and hope to remain one of the top dealers in the nation.  


SorbIts Achievement in Waste Reduction 


ITU AbsorbTech has awarded Eis Implement with a plaque in recognition of our environmental initiatives to reduce solid waste and pollution over the past year, in support of ISO 14001. 

By utilizing the SobIts system, which includes launderable, reusable textiles, we were able to prevent 1,788 pounds of industrial wiping towels, 145 pounds of restroom hand towels, and 58 pounds of mop heads from entering landfills. 

In addition to preventing this sold waste, we where also able to prevent the typical oils and by-products of our industry from entering landfills. These liquids were collected using absorbent materials and will be repurposed elsewhere in our industry rather than being discarded, as was the typical process many years ago.  

"We know that it's essential to make smarter environmental choices these days. There was zero hesitation to get on board with this waste reduction plan. It's great to see that small changes like this can make a big difference over time," said Jon Eis.  

For more information on the program, visit 

To Bag or to Mulch - That is the Question

X394 Eis Implement

Most of us can agree on one thing -we'd all like a healthy-looking, green lawn. And, the perennial question that comes up is: which choice is better for my lawn, bagging my grass clippings or mulching them? Mulching is actually best choice for most lawns, with a couple of exceptions.

When to Bag

  • If you've been out of town or it's been quite a while since you last mowed, you may have very long grass clippings. If you find the clippings are an inch or longer you should consider collecting them and composting on your own property or at your local recycling center. You'll find a great selection of baggers here at Eis Implement, including the MCS 20 bushel dump from seat that fits John Deere X700 Signature Series and some compact tractors.
  • If you notice disease in your lawn, it may be best to bag your clippings so you don't spread the problem to other areas of your lawn.

Why to Mulch

  • Mulching your grass clippings and leaving them on the lawn will save you time and energy. There's no need to repeatedly lift heavy bags and move the clippings from place to place.
  • Grass clippings return essential nutrients to your lawn, like nitrogen and potassium.
  • Clippings return carbon to the soil, which helps build soil organic matter (SOM). A higher level of SOM in your lawn means it's able to hold more water and keep your lawn healthier.
  • When finely-cut clippings sift down through the layers of your lawn, they prevent weeds from taking hold.
  • Mulching is more earth-friendly because it acts as a natural fertilizer, reducing the amount of synthetic fertilizers you may use, and keeps clippings out of the landfill - depending on your municipality.

A Few Hints

  • Here are a few hints to maximize your mulching effectiveness
    • Keep your mower blades sharp by bringing them into Eis. We'll ensure finely-cut clippings can more easily sift down through your lawn. We offer walk-in, same-day, and next-day blade sharpening for $6.50 per blade, plus tax. Or, if you have your mower serviced by us, blade sharpening is included with tune-up.
    • Mulch when your grass is dry, so that your clippings don't clump together.
    • Consider the MulchControl System by John Deere to make the process of mulching even easier. With the push of a button, you can adjust your clippings from side-discharge to bag and back again in seconds, if needed.

Interested in learning more about the MulchControl System? Contact us at (800) 474-0281 or stop by Eis Implement in Two Rivers and talk with one of our helpful staff members.  

Here's to a long season of beautiful, healthy lawns!