Precision Farming

Precision Agriculture is more than just GPS and RTK networks; it's a tool that helps farmers manage their fields throughout the entire growing cycle.

Here at Eis Implement we understand the importance and impact Precision Ag has on the agricultural industry. This is why we have our own Precision Farming Specialists in-house and our very own Eis Cellular RTK Network powered by DigiFarm.

Are you ready to take control of your fields? Then let our Precision Farming Specialist custom-design a solution to help you lower your input cost and maximize efficiency. Contact us at (920) 684-0301 to schedule a free on-site consultation!

What does precision farming have to offer?

  • Match a system that meets your needs
  • Will work with ALL COLORS of equipment
  • Complete data management from field to office
  • AutoTrac steering systems
  • Swath and Rate Control for sprayers and planters
  • Complete packages from tiling to planting to harvest and manure documentation
  • If you think it can’t be done, let us know

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