Selecting A Honda Mower

Start with the basics.

Do you want a push mower or a self-propelled mower?

    • Push mowers are lightweight and less expensive. Models include the PDA and PKA.
    • Self-propel mowers come in three different transmission options. Smart Drive uses a paddle to adjust the speed, Select Drive uses a rotating dial, and Cruise Control allows you to set your speed and go! Models include the VKA, VLA, VYA, HYA, and HZA.

Are you looking to mulch, bag, discharge, shred leafs, or do all four?


4 in 1 ready 3 in 1 ready 2 in 1 capable 3 in 1 capable
standard standard standard standard
standard standard N/A Opt.
standard standard standard standard
Leaf Shred
standard N/A N/A N/A

Decide on what features, convenient factors, and level of performance you're after!

  • The HRX series offers maximum convenience, comfort, features, and performance. The Roto-Stop Blade Stop System, Versamow System for 4 in 1 convenience, Cruise Control hydrostatic transmission, electric start, and the durable NeXite deck make any mowing experience delightful.
  • The HRR series packs outstanding features and unlimited value thanks to luxuries like electric start, Smart Drive variable speed, Auto Choke, and more!
  • The HRS series include Honda quality, convenient maneuverability, and high-performance at an affordable price!

Click the link below to learn the differences between Honda's different series!

Honda Mower Move Up Chart