Soil-Max | Eis Implement

Soil-Max | Eis Implement

Eis Implement Tile Plow Eis Implement understands water management in the field is a concern for most farmers. Having excess water can lead to compaction, soil breakdown, poor crop root development that can lead to stunted crop growth.

This is why Eis Implement offers Soil-Max tiling equipment, including the popular Gold Digger, to help farmers improve soil conditions, increasing overall yield and maximizing profit. And, best of all, the Soil-Max Gold Digger is compatible with our Eis RTK network or your current system. Unsure if a tile drainage system is right for your operation? Contact our Precision Ag Specialist for a consultation, (920) 684-0301 or feel free to stop in today.

Top 20 Reason for Tile Drainage

  • Higher Yields and improved crop quality
  • Faster Soil Warm-up
  • Reduced Compacation
  • Larger, Deeper Roots
  • Better Soil Aeration
  • Favorable Environment
  • Reduced Yield Variation
  • More Days of Machinery Operation
  • Longer Growing Seasons
  • Superior Soil Structure
  • Increased Dry Year Yield
  • Reduced Nitrogen Loss
  • Consistent Seed Stands
  • Toxin Removal
  • Reduced Erosion
  • One-Time Expense
  • Top End Profit
  • Lower Drying Costs
  • Lower "Break Even Price Per Bushel"
  • Lower Machinery Costs

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