Steinbauer Power Module

More Power. More Profit.


Eis Implement is here to help you boots the horsepower of your John Deere Tractor with a Steinbauer Power Module. This power module is an intelligent additional electronic module that works just like an ECU, giving you mower power and more profit.

Advantagessteinbauer 10

  • Cover more acres per hour
  • Decrease overall engine hours
  • Alternative for higher HP machine
  • Harvest at optimum speed

Key Features

  • Simple installation
  • Up to 25% increase in power and torque*
  • Up to 10% reduction in diesel consumption*
  • No change in rail pressure
  • No interference with original ECU
  • Does not re-flash engine ECM
  • Does not leave footprints on ECM
  • 3 year warranty**

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*Results dependent on, but not limited to individual driver habits and experience; vehicle handling; type of engine and standard manufactures engine variables; total loading weight and distribution; weather, road and terrain conditions. ** 1 year warranty with purchase. Warranty extended to 3 years upon registration.

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