5 Unexpected Ways You Can Use Your John Deere Tractor

5 Unexpected Ways You Can Use Your John Deere Tractor

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John Deere is known for manufacturing fine equipment built to handle demanding tasks around your farm or property. Common uses include cutting terrain, heavy-hauling, or crop management. But the great thing about these powerful machines is they are capable of doing so much more. You can get creative with the way you use your Deere to take some of the grunt work out of mundane tasks and add extra convenience to your life. Here is a list of a few things you can do with your John Deere tractor that you might not expect.

  1. Logging

If you’re looking to stock up on timber and live around a wooded area, consider using your John Deere tractor to help you get the job done. After cutting your tree down, pair your tractor with a set of grapples or a winch to drag it out. This is best done with tractors that have four-wheel drive. It is also important to make sure your tractor has a counterweight when using a winch to avoid overturning and maintain traction. You can also use a backhoe to clear out stumps to completely finish the job.

  1. Disaster Relief/Clean Up

When disasters strike or mishaps happen, there always has to be someone to pick up the pieces. Let your tractor hold that responsibility. There are several attachments and implements you can use to clean up land after natural disasters or after a project that got messy. For larger items that are more challenging to get ahold of, use a pallet fork or grapple attachment. The front-end loader can be used to pick up leftover debris, rocks, and brush. 

  1. Construction

Instead of getting new construction equipment, see if your tractor is up for the job! John Deere tractors have capabilities for simple construction tasks if used correctly. You can pair your tractor with a backhoe for tasks such as digging trenches. You can also use a post-hole digger to install a pole or a fence for your property.

  1. Sports Field Maintenance

You might know you can use your tractor to maintain your field but what about a soccer field? Just like you use your tractor to make sure your grass is cut and trimmed you can do the same for sports fields in your community. All you need is the usual grooming mower or rotary cutter and you can have any field look nice and pretty.

  1. Events

Although tractors are made for hard work, they can also be used for play. Set your tractor up as a festive backdrop for an event such as birthdays, weddings, or festivals. If you want to turn your tractor into an attraction, you can even attach a trailer to the back of your tractor and offer hayrides to the kiddos.

A tractor is truly an investment and you should get the most out of your investment in every way you can. Use safety precautions for every new thing you try with your tractor but don’t be afraid to think out of the box to amp up your productivity.