John Deere 317G Compact Track Loader near Sheboygan, WI


John Deere 317G Compact Track Loader near Sheboygan, WI

Construction workers, landscapers, farmers, residential homeowners near Sheboygan, WI; we’ve found your next sidekick. That is if you consider powerful performance and big results to be a superpower. If it makes your job easier and your clients happier, then why would it not be?

The John Deere 317G Compact Track Loader offers incredible pushing power and breakout force, giving you the upper hand out on the job site. Lightweight transportation and generous tread are a couple of things that our customers love about this machine, especially when it comes to storage. 

Let’s get to know our candidate a little better though so you can see for yourself. 

Studio photo of the 317G Compact Track Loader

Everything You Need To Know About the John Deere 317G Compact Track Loader



What This Means

Operating Capacity

2,125 lb.

The 317G can lift up to 2,125 lbs.

Operating Weight

8,423 lb

The 317G weighs 8,423 lbs.

Net Horsepower

61 hp

The 317G offers 61 usable hp

Now that we have all of the numbers out of the way, let’s move on to answer a few questions about some of the 317G’s most prized features.

What type of lift path does the 317G have? Rather than a radial-lift, the 317G uses a vertical lift to reach high up during operation. This lift path allows the Compact Track Loader to achieve maximum reach by raising the bucket straight into the air. This motion is most appreciated by jobs that require lifting, loading, and dumping. 

Landscaper using the 317G Compact Track Loader to plant

What type of engine does the 317G have? Like each of the John Deere Compact Track Loaders, the 317G is powered by a Final Tier 4 diesel engine. With generous torque and high auxiliary flow rates, you’ll be able to take advantage of a wide variety of attachments. 

What does the cab look like? With standard electrohydraulic joysticks, you’ll be able to enjoy a smooth ride with simple maneuverability. The all-round visibility lets you know what you’re getting into before it’s too late. 

How easy is the 317G’s serviceability? Designed for simplicity, this compact track loader offers easy-to-get-to service points that reduce service time. You’ll find daily service checkpoints through a pair of swing-out doors that are accessible from ground level. A hinged door also makes core cleanout the least of your worries. 

What are my options? If you are looking for even more control over your operation, there are some additional features to consider that are guaranteed to up your game.

  1. LED side-lighting. For those workdays that run a little too long…
  2. Rearview mirror. Because why not increase safety and accuracy?
  3. Wider tracks. Enjoy 15.8-inch tracks (compared to the standard 12.6-inches) for increased stability and lighter ground pressure.

With the 317G, you’ll never have to think twice about taking on jobs like digging, excavating, demolishing, grading, and trenching near Sheboygan, WI. Give us a call at Eis Implement if you have any more questions about our John Deere 317G Compact Track Loader. We want to set you up for success.