A Beginner’s Guide to John Deere: Everything You Need to Know

A Beginner’s Guide to John Deere: Everything You Need to Know

John Deere is a household name and one of the most prominent agricultural brands in the world. The company is most known for its tractors but offers a wide selection of other agricultural, commercial, and construction equipment as well. With roots spanning over 180 years, the company has bred award-winning innovations in the industry as well as a loyal customer base. With a brand this expansive, a newcomer to the company might be overwhelmed with information and options. No need to fear, Eis Implement has created a guide that will let you learn everything you need to know about John Deere.

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The company was first introduced in 1837 by John Deere himself when he created the first steel plow in an effort to make the farmer’s life easier. It wasn’t until years later in 1913 that the company created its first tractor. Since then the company has expanded industries and products across the globe making it worth the $114B value it is today.


Equipment Deere has to offer

As mentioned before, John Deere has equipment for a number of different industries from agriculture to construction. Covering all of the equipment in one blog would be near impossible. However, there is select equipment that is most common for everyday farmers, producers, and landowners that we will dive deeper into.


Compact Tractors (22.4 to 64.9 HP)

Compact tractors are designed for people from all walks of life to be able to operate. They are coined “small tractors” due to their light frame, making them easier to maneuver and carry out tasks in smaller environments. Composed of the 1- 4 Series tractors, the compact tractors are commonly used for lawn care, landscaping, and farming for small farmers.


Utility Tractors (50 to 250 HP)

Utility Tractors are made to handle demanding tasks on the field for farmers, producers, property owners, and even municipalities. These mid-size tractors are great for keeping an independent operation up and running and spending many hours in the field. The utility tractor includes the 5 and 6 Series tractors. Some common tasks done by utility tractors include heavy hauling, crop management, hay baling, or mowing.


Row Crop Tractors (145 to 410 HP)

The Row Crop tractors are designed for heavy-duty agricultural work, specifically row crop farming. The large tractors are composed of the 6, 7, and 8 Series. They have high horsepower, advanced technology, and major durability to handle jobs in a high-demand operation. They can make a major contribution to row crop operations but can also be helpful in livestock and dairy operations. 


Compact Construction Equipment

For simple construction jobs and things your tractor might not do as well, you can rely on compact construction equipment. Just like compact tractors, compact construction equipment is a smaller version of construction equipment designed to work in smaller areas. The compact construction lineup includes the compact excavator, compact track loader, compact wheel loader, and skid steer.


How to Read John Deere Numbers

You might notice that every John Deere tractor model is labeled by a different set of numbers and letters. These numbers are not randomly assigned. In fact, understanding the number system is a great way to determine what you will be getting from the tractor. Let’s break down what each number represents through an example.


Tractor Model: 3032E


The first number: The first number of the model lets you know what series is tractor is in. The 3032E tractor begins with 3, making this model a part of the John Deere 3 Series family


The remaining numbers: The next three numbers are the approximate amount of engine horsepower the tractor has. So now we know the horsepower of the 3032E is approximately 32.


Letters: Tractors will either have one or two letters. The first letter determines the level of capability the tractor has. For example, E tractors are economy tractors so they are more affordable with fewer capabilities. Some other letters include D, M, and R. The higher in the alphabet the number is the greater capabilities they have. For models with two letters, the second letter represents the configuration. For example, the N in the 5075EN states that this is a narrow tractor.


Why do people love Deere?

Deere has a fan following that many companies in any industry can’t replicate. That could be due to a number of things including its long history, its overwhelming support of farmers, or simply generational tradition. Above all, one reason people come back is due to the outstanding quality of the equipment.



Many people know, when you purchase John Deere equipment, it can last you for a while. With proper care and maintenance, a John Deere tractor can last you decades without getting too rusty. The material the equipment is made from plays a factor. The hood on a Deere tractor is made from polyresin which results in less fading and wear and tear. The durability of the tractors is part of why many look to Deere as a reliable brand.



These tractors are made to benefit the user the most, so there are plenty of comfort features that ensure the operator has a smooth ride. The operator’s station is designed to be a comfortable space for you to work in with spacious leg room, ergonomic controls, and even premium features such as Bluetooth and the signature Comfort Cab.



John Deere is always looking for ways to push the farming industry forward with innovation. One way this is done is through new technology. Deere equipment features some of the most advanced precision ag technology on the market. This technology allows farmers to optimize multiple yields and get the most out of their crop. Deere has several guidance and field management systems that allow farmers to target any problem areas and automate processes for increased profit and productivity.


Where to buy John Deere Equipment?

There are hundreds of individual dealers in the country that carry John Deere equipment, but if you are in northeast Wisconsin the best place to score your equipment is Eis Implement.  We carry a large selection of riding mowers, farm equipment, and construction equipment suited to meet the needs of your operation. We are happy to help you navigate the John Deere world and find exactly what you’re looking for. If you want to learn more, feel free to contact us or visit us in Two Rivers, WI.