A great farmer is always looking for ways to optimize their crop. Now thanks to numerous precision farming tools, or Precision Ag, it has become much easier to stay on top of all inputs in your field. This gives you the power to automate many processes and also know what's working and what isn’t working for your operation. At Eis Implement we offer many Precision Ag tools for Wisconsin farmers you can use to bring their operation to a new level. Keep reading to see what you can get from Precision Ag technology.

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What is Precision Ag?

You might have heard some about Precision Ag but maybe you don’t fully understand what exactly it is. To put it simply, Precision Ag is using various digital tools and systems to optimize and manage many inputs and outputs in your field. Typically, the used technology collects data and information on things such as soil, then they make decisions on how to increase production and reach goals. After the decision is made, they then take the required measures to reach these goals. Eis Implement and John Deere have plenty of Precision Ag tools available such as guidance systems, Swatch and Rake controls for sprayers and planters, John Deere Stellar Support, and more.

How can farmers benefit from precision farming?


When using Precision Ag tools there is a major reduction in wasted products such as fertilizers and herbicides because the corrective technologies use the proper amount. This also results in fewer emissions and a reduced carbon footprint, making it better for the environment.

Reduced costs, increased profit

Another benefit to less product waste is less money wasted. Using the right amount of inputs is better for your crops and your wallet. These processes also boost performance so you are seeing better results quicker, reducing crop loss, dropping hourly costs, and increasing profit.

Learn more about your field

One of the main reasons precision farming is being used so heavily is because it allows farmers to be more in tune with their fields. We know it doesn’t take a machine for a good farmer to know the ways of their land but Precision Ag can help you spot patterns and have a deeper understanding of the key necessities for your field. This can help you make better real-world decisions. It also allows you to monitor and stay connected to all aspects of your operation 24/7.

RTK Network

To be able to use your Precision Ag tools to maximum efficiency you need a reliable network that you can connect to give you fast and efficient service. The Eis Cellular RTK Network provides farmers all over East Central Wisconsin with Precision Ag capabilities. This network works with all major GPS brands and gives users access to the Digifarm Network which covers 17 states. The great thing about the RTK network is that you can use a device you already own, even if you are paying for another data plan. This service is cost-effective and installation is quick, saving you time and money. To learn more about the RTK Network contact us to speak to one of our Precision Ag specialists or click here.

There are many things Precision Ag has to offer and the list will continue to grow. To jump on board, contact us and get in touch with one of our Precision Ag specialists to get connected.

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