Eis Cellular Network

Eis Cellular RTK Network - powered by Digifarm


The Eis Cellular RTK Network provides East Central Wisconsin with precision farming capability that keeps farmers thinking smarter and farms producing stronger! Cities include Eland, Beaver Dam, Waldo, Oconto, Hortonville, Campbellsport, Two Rivers, and everything within a 20 mile radius!

RTK Network


  • Works with all major GPS brands
  • Access to Digifarm network covering 17 states
  • Bluetooth Connectivity

Precise Accuracy:

  • Sub inch accuracy at 20 miles
  • Sub inch year to year repeatability
  • Water management vertical accuracy greater than 2 miles from the base


  • No need to change towers
  • No need for a repeater
  • No line shifts between towers
  • Maintain accuracy at all times - even during a base station outage


  • Use a device that you already own and may already be paying a data plan
  • No need to purchase expensive radios or base stations
  • Cost effective
  • Very fast installation

Key Features

  • Apple MFi certified
  • Stream RTK through iPad using iOS NTRIP app
  • Class 1 Bluetooth device
  • No cables for Trimble devices
  • Adapter cables for all other brands
  • Ruggedized and weather resistant
  • Also works with Android and Windows devices


The Beacon v3.0 is supported by most major brands of receivers, including but not limited to:

  • John Deere SF3000
  • AgLeader 6500
  • Trimble FmX-Case IH/New Holland FM100
  • Trimble CfX 750-Case IH/New Holland FM-750
  • Trimble-Case IH/New Holland 372
  • Topcon AGI-4
  • Raven 600S
  • Outback Max
  • Outback STX
  • Trimble-Case IH/New Holland 262
  • Trimble 252
  • Trimble EZ-Guide 500
  • Topcon AGI-3
  • AgLeader Paradyme
  • AgLeader GeoSteer
  • AgLeader 2500
  • Outback S3

Go Wireless with The BEACON

Seamlessly stream RTK data into any receiver (including John Deere SF3000) without the need for cables. Simply plug in the Beacon v3.0 into your receiver, program your login information into the DigiFarm app on your tablet, and hit connect. Within seconds you will be streaming RTK data directly to your receiver. It's that simple!

The Beacon v3.0 is the industry's first Apple MFi certified Bluetooth device and iOS NTRIP app to stream RTK data to any GPS receiver. The DigiFarm app supports the iPad, Android and Windows devices. This bridge allows RTK corrections to be passed through the smart device, eliminating the need for additional data plans, radios, or costly RTK base stations.

Are you ready for precision farming? What will you do with all that time saved? For additional information concerning the Eis Cellular RTK Network, please feel free to contact us at (920) 684-0301!


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