Buyer’s Guide to Compact Tractors near Appleton, WI


Buyer’s Guide to Compact Tractors near Appleton, WI

Buying a tractor can be overwhelming, especially if it is your first tractor. You want a machine that is capable of marking off all the items on your list, you want it to be affordable, and you want it to be dependable. At Eis Implement, tractors are our specialty and we are eager to share our knowledge with you. We’ve all felt that tinge of buyer’s remorse after making a purchase then realizing it wasn’t quite all we hoped for; we don’t want you to go through that when you buy your tractor. To help you avoid even the slightest feeling of remorse, we have laid out steps for you to follow to ensure you are getting the tractor that best fits your needs.

Your Options: John Deere Compact Utility Tractors

1R Compact Tractor

  • Engine: 22.4-23.9 hp
  • PTO: 14.9-17.2 hp
  • Cab or Open Station

2R Compact Tractor

  • Engine: 24.2-36.7 hp
  • PTO: 18-30.4 hp
  • Cab or Open Station

3R Compact Tractor

  • Engine: 24.7-45.3 hp
  • PTO: 19.4-33.9 hp
  • Cab or Open Station

4R Compact Tractor

  • Engine: 43.1-65.9 hp
  • PTO: 32.3-54.2hp
  • Cab or Open Station

What to think about before buying:

What’s on your to-do list?

Perhaps the most important thing to figure out is why you need a tractor. Thinking through the tasks you’ll need to complete with your tractor helps in deciding what size tractor you’ll need. If you are wanting a tractor for small jobs like mowing your lawn, a John Deere 1 series tractor is probably the way for you to go, but if you are wanting to do large jobs like hauling heavy materials, a 4 series tractor would be more fit for your tasks. It is also important to consider how much power and strength you are needing your tractor to have. The larger the series number gets, the greater the tractor’s working capacity is.

How much land do you have?

Knowing the size and demands of the property where you will be using your tractor, goes a long way in helping decide which tractor you should buy. Some of the tractors such as the 1 and 2 series are great for maneuvering in small properties that are 1-2 acres of land because they are the smallest of John Deere’s compact utility tractors. The 3 and 4 series tractors are great for managing large properties with anywhere from 3- 15 acres of land. These are built for more heavy-duty work that often goes with maintaining large pieces of land such as cleaning heavy brush.

What is your price range?

After figuring out which tractor size best fits your needs, it's time to think about how much you can afford to spend. At Eis Equipment we carry both new and used equipment which means we have a wide range of equipment options at various price points. We also provide financing options through John Deere Financial to ensure you are able to get the tractor that best suits your needs.

To get set up with your very own John Deere compact tractor, contact your Eis Implement dealership near Appleton, WI and we will be happy to help you decide on your perfect fit. Our team is here to help you each step of the way. Let us make picking a tractor less stressful and more exciting.