Buyer’s Guide to Compact Tractors near Green Bay, WI 

Buyer’s Guide to Compact Tractors near Green Bay, WI

Compact tractors are a great investment for landowners who are looking to maintain or improve their property. Due to their user-friendliness, easy maneuverability, and productivity, it is easy to see why they are sought after by so many people. When you are ready to add a small tractor to your fleet, it is important to make sure you pick the right one for you. If you are near Green Bay, WI, start your compact tractor journey with Eis Implement and we will help you find your perfect match- starting with you answering a couple of questions.

What does your land look like?

First things first, to choose the right tractor you need to think about the grounds you are working on. Consider how much land you have and what kind of terrain there is. For example, a homeowner with a few acres might want to consider a smaller compact tractor to maneuver their yard easily such as the John Deere 1 Series or 2 Series. A landowner with more acreage to cover should consider compact tractors in the 3 and 4 Series since they have more horsepower which means they could cover ground at faster speeds.

Flat grounds don’t necessarily need as much pull power and horsepower to work smoothly. If you are working on land that has hills, rough terrain, or any other obstacles that could get in your way you should consider more heavy-duty options such as the Series 3 and Series 4 tractors that are more durable and have more PTO horsepower.

What type of jobs will you be doing?

Before picking your compact tractor you need to know what you will want to do with it. Different series are capable of handling different implements and tasks. This makes horsepower and pulling power an important factor. If you are looking for a small tractor to do standard lawn maintenance such as cutting, tilling, and snow removal then the 1 Series tractors that have 22-24 hp and plenty of mower lift options are a good choice. If you are looking to do more landscaping jobs, the 2 Series—which has more implement options and a high-torque diesel engine—can get the job done. The 3 Series tractors have more horsepower and heavy-duty drivetrains that make them capable of doing heavy hauling and agricultural jobs for small farmers. For farmers and other workers who plan to carry out larger jobs and heavy-duty jobs, the 4 Series—which has up to 63 hp and category 1 and 2 compatibility—is the best option.

Maintaining your tractor

When you finally find your match, ensure that it stays with you for a long time by giving it the proper maintenance. There are many parts of your tractor that you should make sure are in tip-top shape, from your tires to your fluids to your battery. To make sure your tractor is properly serviced, inquire about our Tractor Turn-Key Tune Up. We offer Turn-Key Tune Up inspections for all compact tractors, Series 1-4. Check out the details through the links below:

Owning a compact tractor can bring much ease and productivity into your life if chosen wisely. For more information or assistance in choosing the best John Deere compact tractor for you, contact us or visit our dealership near Green Bay, WI.