Compact Tractors for Sale near Appleton, WI

Compact Tractors for Sale near Appleton, WI | EIS Implement 

Compact tractors may sound like they belong on a farm, but the versatility and size actually make them perfect for Appleton homeowners. The smallest subcompacts are only slightly bigger than a standard ride-on mower and can still be parked in the garage next to your car. Don’t let the small size fool you, though. These compact tractors aren’t tractors in name only. They provide all the versatility and power of a tractor, letting you take on projects you otherwise would have to hire someone for. EIS Implement carries a number of compact tractors for sale near Appleton, so come by and let us help you pick one out today

EIS 1025R cab

John Deere 1 Series

The 1 Series is John Deere’s smallest compact tractor line. Its subcompact stature and powerful drivetrain make it hugely popular among homeowners. The 1 Series comes in two different models, either the basic and functional 1023E or the option laden 1025R. Regardless of which model you choose, the 1 Series tractor offers phenomenal performance.

The 1023E is powered by a reliable 23 hp diesel engine and a two-speed hydrostatic transmission. Driving the 1023E is made significantly easier with the inclusion of TwinTouch Pedals that remove the need to heel-toe a single pedal to change directions. This small change is designed to reduce fatigue over long days and repetitive work. 

Using implements on the 1023E is just as easy. The Quik-Park loader system makes the task of attaching and detaching the front loader take mere minutes and it requires no tools or heavy lifting. Similarly, the 3-point rear hitch is standard but the optional iMatch system makes attaching rear implements so easy, you won’t even need to leave your seat.

The real time-saver, however, is the AutoConnect mid-mount mower deck. This connection system makes attaching the mower deck as easy as driving over it. All you have to do is put the tractor in low range and activate the 4 wheel drive. Then just drive over the deck, listen for the PTO to connect, lock it in place and start mowing. It’s really that easy! 

Should you opt in to the 1025R, you can expect more power from the 25 hp engine and a number of creature comfort upgrades. Cruise control is standard, as is the deluxe suspension seat. But most importantly is the optional heated cab. You won’t have to worry about braving the cold to use the front mount snowblower or snow blade, the cab makes operation of the tractor a year-round affair.

The John Deere 2 Series

If you have a larger plot or just have tougher chores to handle, then consider moving up to the John Deere 2 Series. While not as compact as its smaller 1 Series sibling, the 2 Series still offers incredible power and versatility in a smaller, more manageable package. Offering power ranges from 25 to 37 hp engines, the 2 Series is more than capable of handling your most serious tasks. 

The 2 Series features all of the ease of use designs of the 1 Series, including the AutoConnect mower deck, Quik-Park loader attaching series and the standard 3 point rear hitch. It can also be fitted with 3 point front hitch for connecting a snowblower, broom or blade. The 2 Series also allows for the attachment of a factory-installed backhoe, allowing you to dig 7 feet deep with a range of up to 10 feet. This makes the 2 Series an incredibly versatile and powerful machine not only around the house but also the job site.

Regardless of what model you choose, compact tractors make a solid addition to the toolkit of any homeowner. Combining the rugged and capable performance of John Deere tractors into a smaller, more manageable size for use around the house, these versatile machines make quick work of projects that could otherwise require multiple machines and people. If you’re interested in looking at compact tractors near Appleton, WI then come by EIS Implement today.
EIS 2 Series