Compact Tractors for Sale near Green Bay, WI


Compact Tractors for Sale near Green Bay, WI | EIS Implement

At EIS Implement, we know that sometimes you need all the utility of a tractor without wanting to deal with a full-sized tractor. That’s why we carry all four of John Deere’s compact tractor lines. These compact tractors range from the 1 Series, perfect for homeowners and small acreage, all the way to the 4 Series which can be a fully optioned and capable tractor for small farms and orchards. If you need to find compact tractors for sale near Green Bay, WI then let EIS Implement help you find the model that’s right for you.
EIS 1 series
The smallest of John Deere’s compact tractor lineup is the 1 Series. A size up from a standard ride on mower, the 1 Series brings all the capabilities and versatility of a tractor to the average homeowner. If your landscaping ambitions extend beyond the standard weekend mowing, then the 1 Series might be the tractor for you. The standard rear 3 point hitch can attach any number of standard implements and the optional iMatch system will make that as easy as backing up to compatible implements and letting the lifting system take over. Opting in to the 1025R model will also allow you to attach a fully enclosed, heated cab so work doesn’t have to stop just because it’s cold outside.
EIS 2 Series
The John Deere 2 Series picks up where the 1 Series stops off, allowing more power options and increased versatility. Already larger than the 1 Series, the 2 Series has been redesigned to sit on a larger, heavier frame to increase power delivery and traction, while increasing stability. A larger frame also means a larger, more comfortable operator station. The wide, step-through design makes entry and exit easy. A wide, padded seat and tilt steering wheel make operation comfortable and intuitive and brightly colored controls make operation straightforward. Combine all this with the Twin Touch foot controls and hydrostatic transmission, and the 2 Series is well designed to prevent fatigue to keep you operating all day.
EIS 3 Series
Stepping up from the 2 Series, the 3 Series adds more power and size to the already wide-ranging options of its smaller companions in the compact tractor line. The 3 Series also begins to add more versatility and functionality commonly found on larger tractors. While most of the 3 Series line comes outfitted with the easy to use hydrostatic transmission, select models can be outfitted with a more traditional gear-driven transmission in an 8F/8R configuration. This option allows the experienced operator to handle more of the tractors enormous low-end grunt in more advantageous rpm ranges and speeds. The 3 Series also introduces a number of operator amenities into the compact tractor line, including optional front PTO and fully   cab, making this an ideal tractor for large scale snow blowing operations.
EIS 4 Series
The biggest line of John Deere’s compact tractors is the 4 Series. Threading the needle between compact and full-sized, the 4 Series truly offers all the punch of a larger tractor while maintaining the maneuverability and stature of a compact. With an independent PTO, standard 3 point hitch, and larger size the 4 Series can handle over 50 different implements. Add an optional front hitch and that number climbs even further. Speaking of options, the 4 Series can also come with the ComfortGard cab, fully equipped with climate control, unmatched visibility and controls at your fingertips. Combined with the air-ride seat and the operation of the 4 Series becomes a practically luxurious experience.

No matter your application, be it small jobs around the house or maintaining a full-sized orchard, John Deere makes a compact tractor for you. At EIS Implement, we know how important having exactly the right tool at the right time is, so that’s why we stock the whole line up of compact tractors. Come visit us today and let our experienced sales staff help you find the right compact tractor for you.