Compact Tractors for Sale near Manitowoc, WI

Compact Tractors for Sale near Manitowoc, WI

You don’t have to be a professional to operate a tractor. This might be the case for big agriculture operations but for landowners who just need a helping hand, there is a simpler solution. That solution is a John Deere compact tractor. John Deere compact tractors are created to harvest loads of power and strength in a small frame that is maneuverable for everyday operations on various amounts of land. The John Deere compact tractor lineup consists of 1, 2, 3, and 4 Series tractors that all have unique features and capabilities to conquer a diverse range of tasks. If you are interested in adding a compact tractor to your operation, check out what we have for sale at Eis Implement, proudly serving Manitowoc, WI.

What is the difference between each series?

1 Series (21.5 - 23.9 hp)

These sub-compact tractors are a great starting point for homeowners who want something to help out with land maintenance and common projects around residential properties. The 1 Series is known to be affordable and easy to operate. They have a loader lift capacity of 754 lbs and are compatible with drive-over mower decks of up to 60 in wide.

2 Series (24.2 - 36.7 hp)

The 2 Series tractors, coined as “the ultimate mini landscaper(s)”, are perfect for residential or commercial landscaping jobs. These tractors have an increase in horsepower, a heavier stable frame, and 4WD. They also feature CommandsCut controls that let you adjust the height of your cut for a better mowing experience. The 2 Series has a max loader lift capacity of 1,120 lbs.

3 Series (24.7- 45.3 hp)

The 3 Series is composed of the 3D, 3E, and 3R tractors to offer more versatility and power in a simple tractor. The 3D tractors have a heavy-duty drivetrain and gear drive transmission that makes them ideal for heavy-hauling in spaces larger equipment can’t. The 3E tractors are crafted to be economical options that can handle many small farming and landscaping jobs. The 3R tractor offers everything to love about the 3E tractors along with premium features such as PowrReverser transmission and ComfortGuard cab.

4 Series (43.1 - 65.9 hp)

The 4 Series tractors are the biggest and strongest of the John Deere compact tractor lineup. Each tractor is powered by a turbocharged diesel engine, except for the 4044M which is powered by a naturally aspirated diesel engine. They also have multiple transmission options and bigger tires to work in more challenging situations. There are also heavy-duty models available that are capable of pulling Category 1 and 2 implements.

What jobs can I do with my compact tractor?

For each compact tractor, there are dozens of compatible implements to pair with it. This means there are many ways you can stay productive no matter what your operation is. Here are a few tasks you can accomplish-

For Landscaping and Home Care

  • Mowing your lawn

  • Cutting rough terrain

  • Tilling

  • Grading and Leveling

  • Digging

  • Snow Removal

  • Transporting materials

For Construction

  • Digging

  • Site Cleanup

  • Grading and Leveling

  • Transporting materials

For Small Farming

  • Transporting bales

  • Tilling

  • Spreading seeds

  • Preparing seedbeds

  • Weed control

If you have any questions or would like more information on our compact tractors, don’t hesitate to contact us or visit us at our location that serves the people of Manitowoc, WI.