Compact Tractors for Sale near Sheboygan, WI 


Compact Tractors for Sale near Sheboygan, WI

John Deere compact tractors give homeowners, landscapers and producers a small, nimble tractor that can still produce enough power to handle the toughest tasks. This makes them ideal for projects around the house, as well as taking care of chores in the tight confines of a barn or paddock. John Deere offers 4 different sizes of compact tractors in a huge variety of power configurations. If you’re looking for a John Deere compact tractor for sale near Sheboygan, WI then swing by Eis Implement today and let us help you find the model that’s right for your application.


1 Series

The John Deere 1 Series compact tractors are the ideal choice for homeowners who need the versatility of a tractor but don’t have the need for a full-sized one. The 1 Series is only a few inches longer than a standard ride-on lawnmower, which makes it great for storing alongside your car, or in a tool shed. Yet despite its size, it still has a category 1 rear hitch, independent PTO and a robust hydraulic system to power a full range of implements. This setup can allow the ambitious homeowner to tackle just about any project.

2 Series

The John Deere 2 Series is a perfect tractor for landscapers and homeowners who live on larger plots of land. That’s because this line features engines well over 30 horsepower, that are capable of operating in demanding conditions without worry or complaint. You’ll also get to take advantage of increased PTO power and hydraulic capacity to drive more powerful and larger implements to handle your chores that much quicker.

3 Series

The John Deere 3 Series offers 3 different model ranges to choose from, each built with a specific goal in mind. The 3E Series is built to be an affordable workhorse, the 3D is purpose-built with a strong geared transmission to excel at towing and hauling tasks and the 3R is the top of the line model, built with all the power and comfort you would expect from a fully optioned John Deere tractor.

4 Series

The 4 Series of compact tractors from John Deere is the king of the hill when it comes to compact tractors. You can choose the 4M line, the heavier 4M Heavy Duty with larger tires and a category 1-2 compatible hitch or the 4R line which brings all the power and features you would expect to find in full-sized tractors down to a compact tractor size, making it the go-to choice for serious landowners and small producers with all sizes of fields and equipment.

If you’d like to see what compact tractors can bring to your operation, then come see what we have to offer at Eis Implement today.