Big Dog Rear Unload Forage Boxes

Big Dog Forage Box
Available in 26' or 30' Models 


  • PL88C open barrel pintle chain @ 29,900# per strand = 119,600#, w/2″ x 1″ x 3/16″ formed apron channels for apron cross bars.
  • Barn Doors w/Air Closure (Truck Mount)
  • Top Pivot Door w/Hydraulic Gate Delay
  • The “BIG DOG” features 1″ steel lines to the back of the box and DUAL HYDRAULIC MOTORS. The motors evenly drive each final drive system for more power and less shaft stress than a single motor system.
  • The drive shaft features MD nylon reversible style bearings.
  • 16 Gauge Stainless Steel Sides.
  • Large 17″ x 28″ front window for viewing when unloading.
  • The idler apron shaft assembly features 6 tooth machined steel sprockets with bronze idler bushings.
  • Apron tension adjustment is made by tightening the 4 spring loaded tightener bolts on the front of the box. The spring loaded tighteners maintain tension on the apron during start up and operation.
  • Spring Loaded Main Apron Tighteners.
  • LED Lighting and Door Locks.
  • Available with an Optional Rollback or Side to Side Tarp.
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