Model 3231 Manure Spreader

Model 3231
310 Bushel Heavy Duty Manure Spreader  


  • A massive unitized welded frame with heavy floor supports and side stakes, wrap around steel front corners. Strong rear main beater side panels are slanted for clearance and wider spread, and then welded to the strong 5″ U channel side members compare with any on the market.
  • The side flares on all H&S “Heavy Duty” manure spreaders are made of 10 gauge g210 culvert grade galvanized steel.
  • Sides, front panel and both sides of the rear hydraulic end gate use fiberglass reinforced plywood to provide for easy cleaning and minimal freeze up. It also features a plastic coated plywood floor. Considerably less torque is needed to move a heavy load.
  • A front splash guard is standard equipment.
  • Greasable bearings.
  • The drive utilizes the patented H&S 2 speed gear box. Shifting is all done in the enclosed two speed/beater shutoff gear box.
  • A 29″ diameter beater with 14 replaceable beater paddles. The beater has two types of paddles, blunt for widespread and sharp ripper type for cutting and shredding. The beater side wiper blades are also standard equipment.
  • Adjustment for the main apron is easy by simply loosening the two side bolts and drawing up the long bolt.
  • Unloading Speed for 3123 and 3127 – (2 speed gear box) High Speed: PTO speed 540 rpm’s 8′9″ per minute Low Speed: PTO speed 540 rpm’s 4′9″ per minute.
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