iMow Robotic Mower


So You Don't Have To

Want to spend more time at the lake?  What about more time with the kids?  Fishing perhaps?  Maybe even golfing?


Let Eis Implement help you get more free time to do the things you love with the help of the iMow Robotic Lawn Mower from STIHL. Once installed and programmed, iMow® robotic mower cares for your lawn automatically.  Your to-do list just got shorter! 


Unit + Professional Installation Packages Starting at $1,999.99*

*Price includes professional installation and programming

No interest if paid in 12 months**

As low as $169 per month**


RMI 422 PC-L

from $1,399.99*

*Price does NOT includes professional installation and programming

Professional installation and programming starting at $600


Perfect for 1/4 Acre of Lawn-Based on 17hrs of Mowing Duration

Includes Docking Station and Battery

RMI 632 PC-L

from $1,999.99*

*Price does NOT includes professional installation and programming

Professional installation and programming starting at $600


Perfect for up to 1 Acre of Lawn-Based on 40hrs of Mowing Duration

Includes Docking Station and Battery


DIY Installation Packages



Small Installation Kit



  • 164 Yards of 2.3 mm diameter perimeter wire
  • 150 stakes
  • 2 Press-fit docking station connectors
  • 3 wire connectors
Large Installation Kit



  • 437 Yards of 2.3 mm diameter perimeter wire (2x219yd coils)
  • 375 stakes
  • 2 Press-fit docking station connectors
  • 7 wire connectors


Take Back Time

With iMow® robotic mower you no longer have to cut your grass.  All that's left is some trimming and that is easier than ever with the STIHL Lightning battery powered trimmers.  What will you do with your free time?

Environmentally Friendly

No gas, no oil, no exhaust.  The battery powered iMow® robotic mower is also much more compact than your lawn mower, meaning less raw materials are needed to manufacture it. 

Quiet Operation

Say goodbye to noisy engines and loud mowing decks.  The iMow® robotic mower is so quiet many of them do their mowing at night.

No More Fuel Related Problems

Fuel related problems are one of the most common and costly issues with gasoline powered lawn mowers

Perfectly Manicured Lawn

iMow®'s robotic mower consistent mowing schedule helps maintain that "just cut" look.  Active mowing times are fully customizable allowing you to set the times the iMow® robotic mower is cutting whether during the day, at night and even in the rain.

Extreme Mulching

The iMow® robotic mower cuts about 1/8in off each cutting.  With grass blades that small, they fall down to the base of the grass and break down much faster providing more natural fertilizer for your lawn.

Ease Up On the Allergies

Unlike most conventional lawn mowers, the iMow® robotic mower does not blow grass, dust, or debris all over while mowing, resulting in less irritations blowing around outside or into your home.


  • 3 year home owner warranty
  • STIHL quality you have come to expect
  • Hassle-free Service Plan options available
  • Local support from Eis Implement - your trusted family-owned dealer servicing Northeast WI since 1946

Pushing the iMow® robotic mower beyond its limits

Watch our two week follow-up of an install consisting of 1.3 acres of cutting area and over 50 trees and obstacles.

Listen to nature, not noisy mufflers

Listen to the birds chirp and the quiet hum of the iMow® robotic mower as it approaches.  Then the hum disappears as it drives a few more feet away.

How safe is the iMow® Robotic Mower?

Learn about some of the safety features of the iMow® robotic mower especially the hood sensors when it encounters objects and the auto-shut off when the mower is lifted up.

Install iMow® docking station with gate feature

See how the docking station has been installed in a flower bed.  This allows the iMow to dock out of site as the vegetation grows up around the docking station over time.  

Security Features

Quick explanation of security features of the iMow® robotic mower including the PIN code option.

Less trimming for large property owners

Let the iMow® robotic mower do the trimming for you under trees and bushes so you don't have to.

Send Home Feature

Having company over for a cookout and don't want the iMow® robotic mower out cutting?  We show you how to send it home for a break.

Professional Perimeter Wire Installation

See how we install the perimeter wire for the iMow® robotic mower.  Buy burying the cable as much as possible this protects the cable from getting cut accidentally and reduces the risk of rodents and other animals from damaging it.

Handling Slopes

Watch the iMow robotic mower handle the slope of a common ditch.

Stop down at our Two Rivers, Wisconsin location to see our very own iMow in action.  Or contact us today to schedule an on-site evaluation.   

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**Subject to approved credit with John Deere Financial.  For consumer use only.  No down payment required.  Prices, models, and offers may vary.  Interest will be charged to your account from the purchase date at 17.9% APR if the purchase balance is not paid in full within 12 months or if your account is otherwise in default.  Prices in U.S. dollars.  See dealer for details.