FAQ: Which Lawn Mower is Right for My Yard?

FAQ: Which Lawn Mower is Right for My Yard?


Every homeowner and property owner wants the same thing: a nice-looking lawn with fresh-cut grass. However, depending on your lawn you might not get that cut the same way as your neighbor a few blocks away. This is because different properties require different care. To get a neat and healthy lawn you must consider a few characteristics about your yard to determine which lawn mower is right for your yard.

What type of lawn mower should I get?

Before we get down to the nitty-gritty of lawn care, the first thing you need to determine is what type of mower you need. There are two basic types of lawn mowers for residential properties which are a push mower and a riding mower. Push mowers are best for smaller residential properties that are under half an acre. You will be walking behind this mower so covering any area larger than that would surely be a physically taxing task. For properties that are between half an acre and two acres, a riding mower would be more suitable to cover ground. Another type of riding mower, that is a nice option for large properties is the zero-turn mower. While the zero-turn is technically a ride-on mower, it is more maneuverable than lawn tractor riding mowers and it can cut at faster speeds.


What are the advantages of a push mower over a riding mower?

If you are a beginner in lawn maintenance it might be beneficial to start with a push mower. Push mowers are relatively easy to operate because you only have to push the mower in the desired direction. Riding mowers can take a bit more experience to master since it takes more effort to maneuver and it moves at a faster speed. Push mowers are also less expensive than riding mowers making it a good choice for small homeowners on a budget.


What size mower do I need?

Once you decide what type of mower is best for your yard, you need to decide what mower deck size is best for you. Mower decks can range from 18” to 72”. The more lawn space you have, the more you’ll want to increase your deck size. For properties smaller than 1 acre. A mower deck ranging from 18”- 36” will be suitable. If you have 1-3 acres, deck sizes 36”-42” will get the job done. For areas that are 3-4 acres, 42”-54”. For anything larger than that, you’ll want to consider a commercial zero-turn mower with a 60”- 72” deck.


Which features are important for my yard?

The quality of the cut is only one element you should look for in a mower. There are also other factors that are important when choosing a mower that determines how well the mower will adapt to your lawn. One factor you should consider is the drive of the mower. Mowers with front-wheel drive work best on grounds that are flat-level. It can also come in handy for getting around obstacles and tricky corners. Mowers with rear-wheel drive are ideal for yards with hills and slopes due to the front wheels not losing traction when going uphill. If you are working on steep hills, a mower with all-wheel drive is ideal. 


Another factor to consider is engine size. The size of your mower’s engine can determine the load of work the mower can take on. If your mower needs torque to take on more challenging mower jobs like tall grass or pulling attachments, the larger your engine the better. High-quality engines can also increase durability and have reduced noise.


If you plan to mulch your grass, it can be beneficial to look for a mower that includes a mulching option. Mulching features like John Deere’s MulchControl allow you to go from side discharging to mulching seamlessly. Mulching is a good practice to improve the health of your lawn because it returns vital nutrients to your grass.


What kind of maintenance is required for different mowers?

Just like any equipment, performing maintenance on your mower is essential to keep it running for the long haul and to give its best performance. You should perform maintenance on your mower at least once a year and winterize your mower in the fall after the mowing season. To properly service your mower you first need to read your owner’s manual to see how to care for your particular mower. This should let you know what parts are required and what oil type is for your mower. In general, routine maintenance should include changing the oil, replacing spark plugs, sharpening the blades, changing filters, and more. To have professionals take care of your annual maintenance for you, go to a trusted dealer like Eis Implement. We offer our special Turn-Key Tune Up to get lawn tractors running to their best ability.


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