John Deere 1025R for Sale in Two Rivers, WI

John Deere 1025R for Sale in Two Rivers, WI

The warmer seasons of the year are not only the perfect time to indulge in a Two Rivers signature ice cream sundae but also do some outside work for your Two Rivers home. This can include taking care of your lawn, starting a garden, or even a DIY project you have been putting off. Whatever it is you need to accomplish, using a John Deere 1025R tractor can make the job less intimidating. This simple tractor is easy to use regardless of experience level. It also has enough power to handle a diverse range of implements that can help you knock out whatever is on your summer to-do list. If you are ready to get outside and get active on your land, check out the John Deere 1025R tractors we have for sale in Two Rivers, WI.

Notable Features

Hydrostatic Transmission with TwinTouch Controls

This small tractor doesn’t require any clutching or gear shifts to operate. The hydrostatic-drive units function as both a clutch and transmission making it easier for the user. With the Twin Touch foot controls, you can choose your speed and direction with just a toe touch on the forward pedal or reverse pedal. There are also infinite ground speeds so you can just adjust your speed to the job at hand.

Open Station or Optional Cab

The open station is great for those who want to feel the sun on their face as they ride or those who love the smell of fresh-cut grass. It comes with a thick, rubber floor mat that reduces vibrations and absorbs shock and noise as well as a deluxe suspension seat with great back support. For the colder months, there is an excellent cab option that protects you from the elements and low temperatures. The heated cab will keep you warm and comfy while also providing a sound dampening system for a quiet peaceful operation

Optional iMatch Quick-Hitch

For added convenience, you should consider getting the iMatch Quick-Hitch for your 1025R tractor. This feature offers easy implement hook-up for all category 1 implements. This can save you time and trouble allowing you to accomplish more faster with a simple switch.

Possible tasks for your 1025R tractor

The 1025R is certainly not a one-trick pony. With the right implements and maybe a little creativity you will be surprised what you can accomplish. Here are a few options for inspiration:

  • Gravel your driveway

  • Mow your Lawn

  • Tackle tall grasses and stubborn weeds

  • Move rocks, gravel, or dirt

  • Transport heavy materials

  • Dig a ditch

  • Give your little ones a joy ride

  • Till your garden

  • Seed cultivation

  • Level your driveway

  • Snow Removal

Just like the 1025R would be a great addition to your home, we believe you would be a great addition to the Eis Implement family. Contact us or visit us at our Two Rivers locations for a nice chat about what our sub-compact equipment can do for you.