John Deere 1025R for Sale near Appleton, Wisconsin


John Deere 1025R for Sale near Appleton, Wisconsin

The John Deere 1025R has plenty of power and enough helpful features to get any landscaping job done. With an ergonomic operating station, easy serviceability and time-saving components, this small tractor works hard to make yard work easier on you.

To help you learn more about this sub-compact tractor, we’ve answered some of our most commonly-asked questions below.

1025R connecting mower deck

1025R cutting grass

Commonly Asked Questions About the 1025R Tractor

Is the 1025R difficult to operate?

Have you ever learned to ride a bike? Maybe drive a truck? Then you’ll be fine. The 1025R tractor is designed to give operators peace-of-mind by offering a simple operation. 4WD and power steering come standard to provide excellent maneuverability, allowing operators to work well in tight spaces. 

The Hydrostatic transmission provides infinite ground speeds while the Twin Touch foot pedals give you total control of direction. This allows you to match the speed of the application and makes connecting to implements easier.

Do I have to get routine service done?

As with any tractor, we strongly recommended getting service done regularly to increase your tractor’s longevity and durability. This will also allow you to catch small issues before they turn into bigger and more serious problems. 

The intervals of service largely depend on the extent to which you use your 1025R. For example, engine oil can degrade if the machine is only operated at slow engine speeds, or for frequent short periods of time. 

For normal use, we recommend you change your engine oil and filter every 200 hours, replace fuel filters every 400 hours, and check brake adjustment every 600 hours. 

For a full list of routine services, check out John Deere’s Service Reference Guide for 1025R tractors

What can I use my 1025R for?

Landscaping, garden prep and yard maintenance are just some of the tasks you can take on with the John Deere 1025R tractor. Whether you are mowing, moving snow or clearing brush, you’ll find quality support in this small tractor. Other jobs like transporting material, building fences, seeding, leveling and digging are also possible with the proper implements.

What implements should I start out with?

The implements that will be most valuable to you largely depend on the tasks you plan on accomplishing. There are several different implements and attachments available, adding on to the 1025R’s versatility. 

One of the most commonly-used implements is the Drive-Over AutoConnect Mid-Mount Mower Deck. As well as giving a premium cut, this mower attachment also provides an extremely easy attachment process compared to other tractors in the same class. The front loader is also a useful implement to have, allowing you to attach anything from buckets to pallet forks for simple material transportation. Front blades, backhoes, rotary cutters and augers are also available for your 1025R. Check out a full list HERE.

What features are available for the 1025R?

One of the 1025R’s main goals is to help you spend more time in your yard and less time in the shop. With features like the Quik-Park Loader System, the Quik-Tatch front hitch, the Quick-Knect system and the iMatch Quick-Hitch, you’ll be able to switch out implements in just minutes.

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