John Deere 1025R for Sale near Manitowoc, WI

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John Deere 1025R for Sale near Manitowoc, WI | EIS Implement


John Deere’s 1 Series compact tractors are made with the homeowner in mind. Their small size, robust build and wide array of implement compatibility make them perfect for anyone looking to expand their lawn projects beyond a nice, even mow. The 1025R is the top of this 1 Series line and as such, comes with a huge number of options to improve ease of use, operator comfort and overall performance. So if you’re interested in a John Deere 1025R for sale near Manitowoc, WI then EIS is the dealership for you.

While the 1025R is so much more than just a big ride on mower, mowing is definitely something that it excels at. The mower deck can be automatically connected via John Deere’s Mid Mount AutoConnect system. This allows the deck to be connected without having to leave your seat. Just drive your tractor up over the deck, listen for the audible clicks when the system connects and you’re ready to mow.

If all you wanted was a high-quality mower, however, you wouldn’t be looking at the 1025R. It is, after all, a compact tractor. The standard 3 point rear hitch allows for the connect of all manner of standard implements and when outfitted with the optional iMAtch system, the attachment of these implements is easier than ever.

When it comes to attaching front loader related implements, the Quik-Park system makes it almost as painless to attach anything from pallet forks and slow blades to a variety of optional loaders for whatever project you have planned. An optional front PTO greatly expands the range of implements you can bring upfront, including front-mounted snow blowers.


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All this is fairly useless in the blistering winters, however, unless you also opt-in to the 1025R’s most impressive option. A fully enclosed, heated cab. This remarkable option is a leader in operator amenities and makes sure that you can tackle anything that you might need to get done, regardless of the season. With full visibility and optional removable doors for more mild conditions, the cab provides a level of comfort not seen in similar tractors.

No matter the landscaping project you may have planned for this year or the next, the 1025R is a consistently reliable and versatile choice to help you tackle it. From the very basic ability to cleanly and evenly mow your lawn, to hauling earth, tilling flower beds, digging post holes or equipping a backhoe, the 1025R can do it all without complaint or fuss. Drop in to EIS Implement today and let our staff show you everything that the 1025R has to offer.