John Deere 3025E for Sale near Green Bay, WI

John Deere 3025E for Sale near Green Bay, WI

For hard workers who value power as much as simplicity, the John Deere 3025E was made for you. The 3E Series is composed of tractors made for small farming and landscaping jobs of many sizes. The 3025E specifically has about 24.7 hp and 17.4 PTO hp, making it capable of pulling implements that help complete your operation’s daily tasks. It was also engineered to be straightforward and easy to use so you can focus on the job at hand and not be distracted by unnecessary bells and whistles. If you are in the Green Bay, WI area, come by Eis Implement and see how the 3025E can be a great addition to your operation.


Regardless of your background or experience, operating this compact tractor should come with ease. As you hop in the open station cab you will find the uncluttered design gives you room to sit confidently and comfortably. In front of you, you will see an easy-to-read instrument panel with the tachometer and several indicator lights to show the status of your tractor. As you prepare for take-off, you can expect a smooth ride with zero clutching thanks to the two-range hydrostatic transmission with the signature TwinTouch controls. With the TwinTouch foot pedals, you can navigate the path of your tractor easily with the option of forward or reverse operation. When it’s time for a tractor check-up you can access regular service points quickly with no problem, saving you service time.


The 3025E has all the components you need to effectively get the job done. This tractor is powered by the Yanmar diesel engine which uses the latest technology to optimize fuel economy and improve control and accuracy. It was also made to pull heavy loads—the 3025E can take up to 1356 lbs pounds. You can also make the most of your implements with the optional two-spool rear selective control valve, which drives optimal implement performance. Also, the optional iMatch quick-hitch allows operators to seamlessly connect implements without any hassle. 


Engine power: 24.7 hp

PTO power: 17.4 hp

Hitch type: Category 1

Wheelbase: 62.7 in.

Rated engine speed: 2400 rpm

Fuel tank capacity: 28.5 L

If you have any additional questions or would like more information, contact your nearest Eis Implement dealer or visit us in person! We will be happy to assist you!