John Deere 3032E for Sale in Two Rivers, WI


John Deere 3032E for Sale in Two Rivers, WI


Looking for a tractor that’s perfect for small farms and landscaping jobs? How about one that doesn’t break the bank? We think we’ve found the best solution for you.

The John Deere 3032E Compact Tractor offers more than enough power and versatility to improve your operation. With the ability to bring efficiency and productivity wherever it goes, the 3032E drives a hard bargain. Dozens of implements are available to complete a variety of tasks ranging from mowing and leveling to digging and seeding. Ready to start checking items off your to-do list? Let’s discuss some of the logistics first.

A John Deere 3032E Compact Tractor sitting out in a field of crops

Why the John Deere 3032E Compact Tractor?

Economical. As the most affordable of the John Deere 3 Family Tractors, the 3032E’s exceptional quality significantly increases its value. Its core functionality combined with efficiency-boosting features like Twin Touch pedals and iMatch Quick-Hitch allows you to get the most bang for your buck.

Powerful. With 32 horsepower and a strong diesel engine, you’ll find plenty of power ready when you need it. Heavy loads and long hours quickly will become the least of your concerns. Then again, you won’t have many concerns when it comes to the 3032E...

Comfortable. The open operator station is no spa, but it might be a close second. Its ergonomic design will help you stay energized and focused on the job ahead. With a comfortable command chair and easy-to-use controls, you won’t have to waste time sweating the small stuff. Intuition plays a big role here, meaning it's not too different from learning to drive your truck. 

Reliable. As if its 4WD wasn’t enough, this tractor has plenty of strengths that will keep you moving forward even in the worst of conditions. Its power steering makes for easy maneuverability while its terrain-hugging tires quite literally keep you moving. Snow days and slanted slopes won’t even be an issue. In fact, there’s not much that can slow the 3032E tractor down, except for a long successful day of work.

A John Deere 3032E Compact Tractor Dumping Dirt and Gravel into a Pile

Why Eis Implement?

Our goal is to help you reach your goals. Whether that’s through increasing your operation’s output or through achieving your dream landscape, we want to see you prosper. That’s why we stay with our customers well after their purchase. Through continual service, we dedicate ourselves to ensuring our customers remain comfortable and satisfied for years to come. 

Our staff is made up of motivated employees who keep our customer’s best interest in mind. With proper training and certification combined with plenty of experience, they have the knowledge needed to take care of you. Trust us when we say you’re in good hands.

When you do business with our staff, you are letting us in on your journey to success. And together, we can grow.