John Deere 3032E for sale near Appleton, WI 


John Deere 3032E for sale near Appleton, WI

The John Deere 3032E is the perfect mid-range compact tractor. The 3 Series, on the whole, is built and designed to be a tough and dependable compact utility tractor. And the 3032E fits in the middle of the E line, which is meant to be the more economical of the 3 Series. This means the John Deere 3032E tractor is affordable and tough. If you’re looking for a John Deere 3032E for sale near Appleton, WI, then swing by Eis Implement today!

The heart of the John Deere 3032E is a powerful, final tier 4 compliant diesel engine that makes a strong 32 horsepower engine. This also provides a full 18.6 PTO horsepower, making the 3032E an extremely powerful tractor for not just towing and hauling but also for running PTO based implements. This engine is paired with an easy-to-use hydrostatic transmission. This design makes the tractor easy to drive, with just one pedal to go forward and a different pedal to go in reverse. This means less time worrying about shifting and clutching and makes the 3032E excellent in jobs that require frequent change of direction. 

This power and ease is also paired with standard 4WD and power steering. This means the John Deere 3032E not only makes a considerable amount of power but can also put it all to use without worry. There’s no terrain you won’t be able to work in.

When it comes to doing that work, the 3032E features a 9.3 gallon-per-minute hydraulic system, 4 of which is dedicated to the steering. This means you’ll have the power to run any number of hydraulic-powered implements, including a front loader with a lift capacity of upwards of 1100 pounds- which is a tremendous amount of lifting power.

The John Deere 3032E is also made to be easy to own and use. This includes extended service intervals to make sure you don’t spend more time in the garage than you do on the field. An onboard service advisor and diagnostics will keep you up to date on those intervals, meaning you can worry about your work.

With everything it has to offer in such an economical package, the John Deere 3032E is an extremely attractive tractor. So if you’re looking for a capable compact utility tractor, then swing by Eis Implement near Appleton today!