John Deere 4052R near Appleton, WI


John Deere 4052R near Appleton, WI

The John Deere 4052R Is one of the most powerful and well outfitted compact tractors in the world. If you’re looking for nothing but the best in compact tractors, the John Deere 4 Series is the final word in the industry and 4052R is one of the most powerful models available. So if you’re looking to buy a John Deere 4052R near Appleton, WI, then swing by Eis Implement today and let us show you everything this truly remarkable tractor has to offer.

Everything awesome about the John Deere 4052R starts with the 4-cylinder, turbocharged diesel engine that makes 52 horsepower. Not only are these engines built to be powerful when the going is easy, but they come with the torque reserve you’ll need to push through when the going gets tough. And with a rated engine speed of just 2600 rpm and an insulated muffler, you’ll get quiet operation and less vibration. 

You’ll get to pair this engine with your choice of either a hydrostatic 3 range transmission or the 12F/12R PowerReverser transmission. No matter which one you choose, you’ll get a transmission designed to be easy to use, especially in operations that require a significant change in direction. The hydrostatic transmission lets you change directions just by changing pedals, while the PowerReverser direction lever is located conveniently on the steering column. 

The John Deere 4052R also features a robust hydraulic system with a 15.9 gallon-per-minute capacity. This system is built with dual independent pumps and can be optioned with up to 5 different SCV locations for optimum flexibility in your implement hookups and powering.

One of the best features of the John Deere 4052R is that they’re built with many of the features that are otherwise only found on full-size tractors. You’ll get features like wet disc brakes and a differential lock but you’ll also get a planetary final drive. This is an incredible design that increases the longevity of the tractor while also improving service intervals.

If you opted for the hydrostatic transmission, you can also get the factory-installed cab to keep you going all year, no matter cold or hot or wet the weather gets. You’ll get full climate control, fingertip controls, an optional air-ride seat and incredible visibility.

The John Deere 4052R offers so much to you and your operators that there’s no reason to not give Eis Implement a call and talk to our sales staff about buying one today!