John Deere CCE for Sale near Green Bay, WI

John Deere CCE for Sale near Green Bay, WI

John Deere CCE is designed to bring all the power and versatility of the commercial construction site to smaller applications. You might need an excavator but trying to get a full-sized one down narrow streets or through a tight work zone isn’t always feasible. Or compact equipment might make more sense on a farm where you have a tractor for the big stuff but don’t wanna fire up your 400 horsepower machine when you just need to move some sandbags around. That’s where John Deere CCE comes in so if you’re looking for John Deere CCE for sale near Green Bay, WI, then come by Eis Implement today.

Knowing that their compact construction equipment would be used in a wide variety of situations by a wide variety of people, John Deere set out to redesign their most popular models and came away with the newly designed G Series of compact track loaders, skid steers and excavators.

Track Loaders and Skid Steers

Just because they’re small in stature doesn’t mean they’re small on power. The G Series skid steer and track loaders still feature breakout forces as big as 9,250 pounds in the 332G model with a lift height as high as 11 feet. All this while maintaining the benefits of being compact, some of the smaller models in the line come in at under 8,000 pounds and can be easily transported from site to site on a trailer behind a standard pickup truck. You also get to choose between radial boom and vertical boom configurations, based on the kind of work you’ll be doing. 


Purpose designed and built to fill the gap between a full-sized excavator and places where hand digging is more viable, the compact excavator line can fit into narrow and tight places where you would otherwise have to break out the shovels. Because of their small-or in some cases nonexistent-tail swing, they can work right up next to buildings and fences. And with digging depths of up to 12 feet and digging reaches of over 20 in some models, you’d hardly even notice that were compact to begin with. 

When you need heavy work done in small spaces and in crowded worksites, then there is no better choice than John Deere CCE. To try out all the various models, and learn what these powerful machines can bring to your operation, then drop by Eis Implement today and talk to our knowledgeable sales staff.