John Deere Excavator for Sale near Appleton, WI

John Deere Excavator for Sale near Appleton, WI

Sometimes for heavy-duty construction jobs, you need equipment that can deliver quickly, without any hiccups. Compact excavators can do exactly that. These mini excavators can eliminate many problems that could happen on the job site when using standard construction equipment. Their small frames make them easy to transport and their lighter weights reduce the chance of top ground damage. At Eis Implement near Appleton, WI, we have John Deere compact excavators that can take on tough jobs without giving you tough luck. If you want a piece of the action, keep reading to see what they can do for you.

Uses for compact excavators

Digging Holes

The most common use for mini excavators is, of course, excavating! This includes digging holes. There are a number of attachments you can use from augers to backhoes to dig holes of different widths and depths. This is a crucial task for many construction and renovation projects such as installing a fence, pole, or even a pool for your backyard.


Another excavation task that can be done is trench digging. With the trencher attachment, you can dig deep and narrow trenches for your construction project. This is great for installing or maintaining anything below the surface such as cables, sewer lines, poles, and more.


Sometimes before building something up, you have to tear something down- and compact excavators can help you do that. Compact excavators are capable of demolishing small structures with the right attachments such as hammers or backhoes.


Build a solid foundation for your project by pairing your mini excavator with a plate compactor. This attachment can be used on a diverse range of applications from sand, gravel, to dirt. This can be useful for multiple jobs such as paving a driveway, repairing roads, and much more.



Net Power: 14.5 hp

Max Digging Depth: 7 ft. 2 in.

Max Digging Reach: 12 ft. 6 in.


Net Power: 20 hp

Max Digging Depth: 8 ft. 6in.

Max Digging Reach: 15 ft. 2in.


Net Power: 23 hp

Max Digging Depth: 9 ft. 2 in.

Max Digging Reach: 16 ft. 1 in


Net Power: 23.3 hp

Max Digging Depth: 10 ft.

Max Digging Reach: 17 ft. 1 in.


Net Power: 35.9 hp

Max Digging Depth: 11 ft. 7 in.

Max Digging Reach: 19 ft. 7in.


Net Power: 53 hp

Max Digging Depth: 12 ft. 4 in.

Max Digging Reach: 20 ft. 5 in.

If you have any further questions or would like assistance picking out your John Deere compact excavator, contact us or visit our dealership near Appleton, WI today!