John Deere Guidance for Sale near Appleton, WI


John Deere Guidance for Sale near Appleton, WI

Precision Ag Technology offers guidance solutions for every season, boosting both efficiency and accuracy in your operation. These guidance systems are tailored to suit your operation and comfort level. Eis Implement offers a wide range of affordable guidance systems, from entry-level units for smaller operations to top-of-the-range applications for large farmers and contractors. Keep reading to learn more about John Deere’s Precision Ag Technology, or contact us with any questions! Our experts here at Eis Implement are ready to help!

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John Deere Guidance

If you are new to precision ag, it’s important to choose the basics for your system. Choose a display, a receiver, and a level of accuracy that fits your needs. The 4640 Universal Display offers improved data capture and collection capabilities, enhancing the operating experience. The GreenStar 2630 Display is also packed with enough power and features to deliver years of high-end productivity. Browse through our options to find the receiver and accuracy that’ll boost your operation, like this StarFire 6000 with SF1 Receiver.

Once you have the basics, you can take your operation to the next level. Our John Deere precision ag technology can reduce overlap by up to 95%! Applications like JDLink, Yield Documentation, and Operations Center help with data management while systems like AutoTrac Turn Automation and AutoTrac Controller help with maximizing input. Whether you are looking to field prep, plant, apply, or harvest, these systems will increase productivity year-round.

John Deere farm guidance


Be sure to save your time, fuel, and input costs by investing in John Deere’s guidance systems. The options may seem overwhelming, but our staff is ready to help you figure it all out! Call us at 920-684-0301 or contact us to find out which system is best tailored to your needs! At Eis Implement, we are ready to help you make your operation the best it can be. 

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