John Deere Guidance Systems


John Deere Guidance Systems

If you want to improve your operating experience and increase productivity without breaking the bank, check out the AutoTrac Guidance Systems from John Deere. You can put your trust in these reliable systems. With many different options available, you’ll be able to find the system tailored to best fit your operation. If you are looking to better manage your row crops here in Wisconsin, be sure to keep reading about how these AutoTrac Guidance Systems can benefit you.


AutoTrac Vision Guidance

A close up of the AutoTrac Vision Guidance system

While fatigue and focus sometimes get the best of us all, these two Guidance Systems work hard so operators can work smart. Eliminating the need for steering by hand and long hours of staring ahead, these systems dramatically reduce yield-dropping crop damage and increase sprayer speeds. With this system, operators cover up to 20% more acres every day. The AutoTrac Vision works best for early season crops, using a front mounted camera to detect corn, soybeans, and cotton. This camera will detect the row of crops ahead to ensure the sprayer wheels stay centered between each row.

AutoTrac RowSense Guidance

Up close of the AutoTrac RowSense Guidance System installed

Also working to reduce crop damage, the AutoTrac RowSense uses sensors mounted on the sprayer wheels to detect mature stalks. By detecting the stalks, the system ensures that the wheels stay clear of the crops, reducing any potential damage. This system is more suited for later season canopied corn, and helps operators of all experience levels increase productivity. 

John Deere also has plenty of other AutoTrac Guidance Systems built for different tractors and different operations. Be sure to check out our website to find one, or give us a call at Eis Implement. We will be happy to find you a solution that is accurate, cost-effective, and productive!