John Deere Off-Season Service and Storage: Put It On Eis 

John Deere Off-Season Service and Storage: Put It On Eis 

As the winter months approach, it is time to think about your winter plans for your lawn and garden tractor. The cold weather of Wisconsin can pose a threat to unprotected equipment. If you plan on letting your lawn tractor or mower rest until the warmer months, it is a must to store it to shield it from the potentially harmful effects of harsh weather. No need to worry, because Eis Implement has the solution for you. We offer the Put It on Eis- Winter Storage package that will not only provide winter storage for your mower but also have it tuned up and ready to work in the springtime.

Pick Up and Delivery

This package provides the utmost convenience for our customers, letting us do all the work so you won't have to lift a finger. This includes transporting your equipment. When you sign up for Put It On Eis, we will come to you and pick up your mower, then when the warmer temperatures come in, we will deliver it directly to you. Pick-up begins November 1st and deliveries will start in early April.


One thing that makes our storage program unique is that we provide more than just storage. While you are carrying out all your winter duties, we will be working on your mower to ensure maximum performance when you are ready to use it again. We will have your mower running like it’s new by checking your fluids, treating your mower’s fuel with stabilizer, changing your oil, and greasing your machine. We will also level, inspect, and scrape your mower deck so you can get a clean crisp cut to start off spring. Our Put It On Eis package also includes other services such as tire pressure adjustment, battery charging, cleaning and detail, and much more.

Extreme Value

You might think a package like this that includes storage, tune-ups, and maintenance will hurt your pockets, but that’s not the case. Eis Implement offers this all-inclusive package to our customers for the low price of $393! This package gives you plenty of bang for your buck, and is truly an investment you won’t regret.

To reduce the stress winter maintenance and storage for your tractor, Put It on Eis. This is one offer you don’t want to miss out on. To reserve a spot for our Put It On Eis - Winter Storage package, call us at 800-474-0281. Invest in your tractor and your property.