John Deere Skid Steer for Sale near Appleton, WI

John Deere Skid Steer for Sale near Appleton, WI

When it comes to versatile compact construction equipment, nothing quite does it like a John Deere skid steer. This machinery has the capabilities to perform a great range of tasks across different applications. With hundreds of attachment options available, the skid steer can hold its own whether it’s on a construction site or a farm. If you are near Appleton, WI looking for something to put your project in hyperdrive come visit us at Eis Implement and check out our John Deere skid steers.


Small Frames

Skid steers are known for their differential steering that allows them to make zero-radius turns. This makes them great for working in tight spaces and the small frames do this best. Composed of the 316GR and 318G, these small frames are highly maneuverable and they can perform certain tasks larger equipment can’t. There are also several tire and track options that will allow you to roll in narrow spaces without giving up size and power. This lightweight equipment is great for jobs on sensitive applications such as interior work, underground construction, or jobs that require great precision. If your job requires moving a lot from location to location, one of these models could be a great choice because they are easy to trailer. 

Mid-size and large frames

The mid and large-frame models offer more strength and durability for heavy-duty jobs. These skid steers have increased pushing power and bucket breakout force that allows them to handle heavy loads and tough digging jobs. They also have larger tanks so they can have longer running times. Speaking of running, these skid steers are fast. Their two-speed drivetrain makes them capable of going up to 12 mph. The mid-size frames include the 320G and 324G models, giving you the best of both worlds with maneuverability and increased power. The large-frame models consist of the 330G and 332G, ideal for heavy-duty jobs like demolition, heavy-lifting, and excavation jobs.

What jobs can a skid steer do?

Transporting materials

Loading and unloading



Agricultural work



Grading and Backfilling

Site Cleanup

Snow removal

And more

Explore the many possibilities that come with owning a skid steer. Contact us today for more information or visit us at our location near Appleton, WI.