John Deere Tractor Packages for Sale in Wisconsin

John Deere Tractor Packages for Sale in Wisconsin

It can be intimidating to start fresh with new equipment for a project. Deciding on the right tractor to purchase is already a process, deciding on the right implements to pair with your tractor can extend that process. Not to mention, the extra cost of buying these separately can be a pain. Here at Eis Implement of Wisconsin, this process can be short and simple with the various tractor packages we have for sale. 


Avoid the headache of choosing the right implement for your new tractor because we have picked it out for you! We offer 5 tractor packages for our customers to choose from so they can choose one that best aligns with their project and get to working immediately. Each tractor package comes with up to 2 implements to increase your productivity and efficiency. 


Purchasing a tractor package as opposed to buying your tractor and implements separately will also allow you to save on cash. Our packages run from about $19,000 - $29,000 and have financing options to accommodate your budget. When you shop with us we will ensure that your money is well spent.

Options for Every Season

At Eis Implement we know that for some, work doesn’t stop in the colder months. That is why we offer not only packages that are best in warmer months but in winter months as well. Wisconsin snowfall will be no match for your tractor with our snow packages that include implements such as snow pushers and snow blowers to help you weather the storm.

Tractor Package Options

Down To Earth Package

  • 2025R Compact Utility Tractor

  • 120R Loader

  • 260B Backhoe

  • R4 Industrial Tires

Underdog Package

  • 3025D Compact Utility Tractor

  • 300E Loader

  • R4 Industrial Tires

1023E Snow Package

  • 1023E Compact Utility Tractor

  • 120R Loader

  • 60” Front Loader Mount Blade

1025R Snow Package

  • 1025R Compact Utility Tractor

  • 120R Loader

  • 60” Snow Pusher

1025R Cab Snow Package

  • 1025R Compact Utility Tractor with Cab

  • 120R Loader

  • 54” Snow Blower

  • 60” Rear Blade

  • Heated Cab

Build Your Own Package

  • Contact us today to customize your own Tractor Package!

Eis Implement is your go-to dealer for John Deere Equipment in Wisconsin. If you have any questions contact us or come visit us at our Two Rivers location and we’ll get you ready to work in no time.