John Deere Wheel Loaders in Wisconsin


John Deere Wheel Loaders in Wisconsin

Stability, maneuverability and agility are just a few of the characteristics you can expect from the John Deere Compact Wheel Loaders. Packed with heavy-duty power and industry-exclusive features, you’ll discover quicker work days followed by exceptional performance. If you are looking for a Wheel Loader for sale in Wisconsin, keep reading to learn more about the John Deere line here at Eis Implement.

A John Deere 324L Compact Loader scooping up dirt

Wheel Loaders are great options for a wide variety of work. Whether you have work to do in narrow spaces or you need to leave a light track behind, these machines are able to deliver big results in a small frame. They also have several attachment options to ensure you knock out everything that needs to be done. 

Don’t let their size fool you. These workhorses offer exceptional lift and height as well as max speeds up to 25 mph. As an industry leader, these Wheel Loaders also provide a tighter turning radius and more stability than comparable loaders. 

With the ability to decrease uncertainty and operator discomfort, the John Deere Wheel Loaders offer an ergonomic operating station that works to increase productivity. With a panoramic view, our customers are able to use all-around visibility to their advantage. This ability, paired with an adjustable-height monitor that keeps track of vital functions, keeps the operator in the know, allowing full control of the operation. The one-hand joystick also allows convenient control to functions like the boom and bucket, F.N.R and differential lock.

Operator's view from inside the cab of a 344L Wheel Loader

Think you saw something you like? Call our team here at Eis Implement here in Wisconsin and we’ll be happy to share even more about these wheel loaders. After all, if this machine can boost your operation, why not let it?