John Deere zero-turn mowers near Appleton, WI

John Deere zero-turn mowers near Appleton, WI | EIS Implement

John Deere zero-turn mowers are an excellent solution to your mowing needs, especially if you need to navigate complex landscaping or have large areas that need to be mowed quickly. The size, speed and maneuverability of a zero-turn mowers makes it unmatched in these circumstances. EIS Implement stocks a number of John Deere zero-turn mowers near Appleton, WI, so drop by today if you are looking to take your mowing to the next level.

EIS z300 series

John Deere Z300 Series

The Z300 series is John Deere’s most basic entry into the zero-turn mowers category. But basic doesn’t mean it’s any less capable. The Z300 Series features a powerful and smooth V-Twin engine design that delivers up to 25 hp and a top mowing speed of up to 7 mph. The mower deck can be had in size ranging from 42 inches to 54 inches, making this an incredibly efficient and fast mower. The Accel Deep deck design allows you to make the best use of this power by providing rugged and dependable construction that can handle the thickest and most unruly grass. 


The Z300 can also be had with a number of operator comforts. Optional vibration-absorbing floor mats make the ride more comfortable and many models come with a foot-operated deck lift, making operation easier and less fatiguing. The high back, heavily padded seat and raised foot platform make long days easier.

EIS z500 series

John Deere Z500 Series

The Z500 Series steps up both the power, cutting performance and comfort of the John Deere zero-turn mower line. Cutting speeds jump to anywhere from 8 to 9 mph and the Z500 can come with mower decks as large as 62 inches. A deck this wide means fewer passes, which means less fuel consumption, less fatigue and a quicker day of mowing. Larger rear wheels and front casters also make for a smoother, more stable ride over uneven terrain.

Operator comfort is an important consideration as well and the Z500 doesn’t disappoint. High backed, adjustable seats are standard on all models. The vibration dampening floors mats can be had on any model as well and the foot-operated deck lift lever makes for easy operation.

EIS z700 series

John Deere Z700 Series

The Z700 Series blurs the line between commercial mowing and residential mowing power, and is designed with the large plot owner in mind. Mowing speeds reach up to 10 mph and the Z700 Series mowers can be outfitted with the 60-inch, high capacity PRO mower deck. This not only cuts down on the number of passes you’ll have to make but also allows the Z700 series to handle the roughest cuts with its commercial-grade reinforcements.

Since it’s designed to handle large jobs, making sure you’re comfortable is a central theme of the Z700 Series design. The premium high backed seat is standard on all Z700 models and comes with a fully adjustable, mechanical suspension that can be programmed to the operator's weight. The foot platform has three different adjustable positions for maximum comfort and security.

No matter what the application, there is a zero-turn mower that meets your needs. Stop in to EIS Implement today and work with our sales staff to determine which one is best for you.