John Deere ZTrak for Sale near Appleton, WI


John Deere ZTrak for Sale near Appleton, WI

Comfort, quality and precision are a couple qualities that we can check off the John Deere ZTrak Mowers list. These zero-turn mowers deliver exceptional results while still providing a great user experience. Thanks to its fast speeds, sharp turns and customization options, you can find the model that is perfect for your yard. If you are looking for a zero-turn lawn mower for sale near Appleton, WI, check out Eis Implement for a great deal.
Models of the Select Series mowers sitting in the front yard

What stands out about the ZTrak Mowers?

The short answer? Everything. But we’ll go ahead and back that up by breaking it down. 

  1. Mower decks you can rely on. With multiple models come multiple options. Choose from the Accel Deep decks, Edge decks, or High-capacity decks and you’ll be guaranteed an even cut no matter what. Each deck is made from heavy-duty stamped-steel to deliver clean and durable performance. Choose between 42-, 48-, and 54-inch deck widths depending on the size and preference of your yard. 

  1. Unmatched comfort. Armrests, seat slides and cushions, oh my! With a focus on designing ergonomic operating stations, the zero-turn series includes several features to make your operating experience as enjoyable as possible. The Z300 and Z500 Series both include seat backs available in 15-, 18- and 21-inches so your comfort will remain unmatched. 

  1. Models built just for you. We offer two different series with several different models to choose from. Both Series offer a mix of different deck widths, seat widths and features to ensure there’s an option built for you. Our maximum mph ranges from 7 to 9 mph, giving you more than enough speed. Browse through our website to find which model best fits your needs.

  1. Power that leads to results. Each model includes a powerful engine that packs plenty of power and torque to get the job done. Not only will you notice incredible results, but you’ll also learn that it’s an engine you can rely on. John Deere lives up to its standard by including a durable design that will last for years to come. So get used to a yard you can take pride in.

  1. Easy as 1, 2, 3. With strategically-placed controls that are easy to use, you’ll find convenience to be on your side with the ZTrak Mowers. The control panel makes managing your equipment easy to control, giving you access to features like the hour meter, a low fuel warning light, the ignition switch, power take-off controls, and the engine speed. 

Will a ZTrak work for my lawn?

Because of its ability to turn on a dime, nothing can ever stand in the ZTrak’s way. That’s why these mowers are great for lawns covered in trees and other obstacles. But we don’t want to put a limit on its potential. 

The ZTrak Mower is good for both small and large lawns thanks to its speed, sizes and maneuverability. If you have hilly land, it’s recommended that you find other options designed to specifically tackle significant slopes.

Man mowing his gras with the Z535M ZTrak Mower

Stop by and visit our experts here at Eis Implement and we’ll be happy to take you through the different zero-turn mowers we have in stock. We are only a short drive from Appleton, WI!