Lawn Mowers for Sale near Sheboygan, WI


Lawn Mowers for Sale near Sheboygan, WI

For our residential customers, our lawn mowers are separated into two main categories: Lawn Tractors and Zero-Turn Mowers. Each lineup has its own strengths along with its own recommendations. We know what you really came here for though: which is right for you? The answer to this is based on a few different factors. Let’s break down the ideal conditions based on the layout of your land and the needs of your operation near Sheboygan, WI.
Woman mowing her yard using her John Deere E150 Lawn Tractor
Woman using her John Deere Z734M ZTrak to mow her lawn

Lawn Tractors

No two people and no two lawns are the same. That’s why our Lawn Tractors offer a diverse selection of models available. We’ll dive into the five different lawn mower series we have for sale.

100 Series. Budget-friendly and user-friendly; is there much more to ask for? These models offer an ergonomic design with simple controls such as the side-by-side pedals. 

S240 Series. These models include larger tires that are more accommodating to turf. They also boast a more powerful engine with infinite ground speeds available.

Select and Signature Series. These include the X300, X500, and X700 models. With easier maneuverability thanks to 4WD and more features like on-board deck leveling,  you can do more in more places. 

Zero-Turn Mowers

Faster speeds and maneuverability made easy. That’s what our Zero-Turn Mowers are known for. Including the Z300, Z500, and Z700 series, these mowers don’t fall short of options. 

In each of the John Deere series, multiple different decks and deck widths are available to ensure you get the size best fit for your lawn. Our Accel Deep decks, our Edge decks, and our High-Capacity decks each offer a durable solution with exceptional results.

With speeds up to 10 mph, these series were designed to turn mowing jobs into quick work. The two-lever steering allows the Zero-Turn Mower to mow efficiently around trees and in tight spaces.

Ideal for…

  • Large, open plots of land

  • Areas with hills

  • Wider variety of year-round jobs

Our Lawn Tractors may not be built to turn on a dime, but they do offer core functionality, exceptional results, and the ability to mow on hills.

Ideal for…

  • Small yards or larger plots of land filled with obstacles

  • Flat land

  • Short time windows

These Zero-Turn Mowers should not be used on hills with a significant slope, but they are great for flat yards with many trees and other obstacles. They are also good for busy home owners who can’t devote a lot of time to yard work.