Maximizing Snow Removal Efficiency with Eis Implement

Maximizing Snow Removal Efficiency with Eis Implement

Snowfall is a beautiful wonder of nature, but sometimes it can also be an obstacle in the way of getting things done. Don’t let the flurries slow you down. With the right tools, you can manage the snow in nearly any condition. Eis Implement has several implements to help you maximize your snow removal efficiency. We also have a special that will help you minimize what comes out of your pocket. Ditch the shovel and come to Eis Implement to have all of your snow removal problems solved.

Snow Removal Implements


Snowblowers are powerful implements that come in handy for heavy snow conditions. Available in front or rear-end, the design of the snow blower allows you to easily gather inches of snow and shoot it out through the chute. You can easily adjust the chute direction to blow it out of the way, exactly where you want it. This implement is a great choice for removing snow in tight areas due to its maneuverability.


Snow Push

The snow push has a simple design but it is highly effective. This box-shaped implement features a rubber blade that allows the operator to push pounds of snow forward into a big pile away from roads and paths. Also, the rubber blade can pass over any obstructions on the ground without causing any damage. It has a wider build than a typical front-loader gathering more snow in less time. A snow push is a simple and affordable solution for any landowners needing snow removal.

snowpush john deere

Front Blade

A front blade is another popular option for snow removal because it is easy to install and versatile. Composed of a sturdy steel blade, it has a heavy-duty frame that gives it impeccable implement life. You can also double up your snow removal efforts by hooking up a spreader to your three-point hitch since it’s not needed for the front blade. 

front blade john deere

Winter Service Specials

Before you wake up your tractor from hibernation, it might need a pick-me-up. Check out some of our winter service specials to have your tractor and snow equipment in tip-top shape for the winter weather.


Snow Blower Tune-Up*: $99.99

Price includes Oil and Spark Plug(s)

  • Change Oil
  • Change Spark Plug(s)
  • Check Skid Shoes
  • Check Cutting Edge
  • Check Belts
  • Check Safety System
  • Grease Machine
  • Adjust Tire Pressure and Power Wash

Snow to Mow**: $119.99

We will remove your snow blower, weights, and chains and install your mower deck!


Mow to Snow**: $119.99

We will remove your mower and install your snow blower, weights, and chains! 


If you’re ready to conquer the snow, check out our selection of snow implements today! For any additional questions feel free to contact us or visit our dealership.